Cats and TOMOK!


I’m at HOME everyone!!!! Hehe!

I arrived home around 4.45pm. Getting out of the car, the first thing I saw was my cat (I called her, Si Tajam coz she has sharp-shaped tail). Last I saw her, she was so little. Now, she’s getting big. And cuter! And I saw her stepmom too, Si Peah. I think Peah doesn’t recognize me anymore coz every time I got near her, she made the (haaaah) sound. I dunno if you guys are familiar with this weird sound that cats make when they’re afraid or feel threaten. I tried to pat her, but she ran away every time I stepped nearer. I was so GERAM!! I chased her and managed to pull her tail. She turned around and made that sound again! This time I think it was sooo funny!! I laughed my ass off thinking that she was being bullied by me. And my sister kept saying, ‘Woi, tak baik. Tak baik!’ Hahahaha!

Nways, my dad is not at home right now. I saw him bringing a big bag just now, and I asked him, ‘Ayah nk gie mane?’. Dengan selambanyer my dad jwb, ‘Nak pindah.’ Haha! Actually, he’s at my neighbour’s house, Ustaz Mahali coz there’s a usrah going on there. And the thing in the big bag was speakers. As for my mom and my sisters, they are watching AF diary. Hmm… Malas nk tgk sbb tatau ape2 psl AF. X follow.

My mom told me she likes ISMA (whichever that is). And just now she told me, ‘Adik Isma tu dh jdi jutawan.’ I was like, ‘Owh ye? Sape adik die?’ while texting my friends. Not interested. And my mom answered, ‘Si Tomok! Die menang OIAM.’ And I was like, ‘Hah?? Tomok menang OIAM?? Biar benar! Best giler ke suare die??’ My mom ckp suare die sedap, dah x sengau. I couldnt believe it!

I used to hate him sooooo much (not that I like him now) coz I think he had the worst voice I’d ever heard. I think he sold his music through his so-called cute face. And while I was reading En.Mail’s blog, I saw his entry saying that ‘Tomok mesti menang 1 juta.’ Again??? Sedap giler ke?? I clicked at Tomok’s video singing Umbrella, by Rihannah.

Hahahha! Betul kot… Dah besar budak Tomok ni.. Dah x sengau suare dier… Tpi gaye dier still pelik+lawak. Haha!


5 thoughts on “Cats and TOMOK!

  1. Mohd Ismail says:

    dulu2 kan masa zaman awk minat Tomok, selalu nama Tomok dikaitkan dengan kucing.. ingat entri ni pasal tu =) he he

    *lepas ni boleh la awk layan single baru Tomok..*

  2. hunny says:

    haha..a’ah emy.ak follow gak OIAM tuh. suare tomok sdap a bebanding contestants sore nine pon best gak.haha. tomok da x sengau cm dlu. even syafinaz pon da jd pminat die skarang tau.hehehehe ūüėÄ

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