Manchester United (1)-(4) LIVERPOOL (Woo Hoo!)


The Score

Manchester United (1) – (4) Liverpool
Old Trafford, 14th March 2009

Manchester United : Ronaldo the Diving Gay (pen,23)
Liverpool : Torres (28), Gerrard (pen, 44), Aurelio (77), Dossena (90)

Rafa (the manager) : “This week we have beaten two of the top sides in Europe in Real Madrid and Manchester United, and scored four goals in both games, so that is fantastic and again, we have to be really pleased.”

Gerrard (the captain) : “I hope this result gives other teams belief that they can bet United.”

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Torres was voted as Man of The Match for last night game, against Manhancus Manchester United whose vote was 2667 beating Gerrard, 1449.

Woo Hoo!! Bukan 1-0 beb, tapi 4-1!!

The Reds beat Manchester United at Old Trafford!!! Padan muke si Rooney cacat!! Cakap besar before game, skali kena humiliated kat tempat sndiri. Hua9. EMY LIKEY!!

Go and get some work out!!!!

Rooney? Toady? Haha!

Poor Mr.Gonzales, he’s soooo damn mad at me right now coz I keep teasing him! Hahahah! Dahla both favourite teams dier kalah di tangan Liverpool! Too bad!



One thought on “Manchester United (1)-(4) LIVERPOOL (Woo Hoo!)

  1. william tan says:

    OMG this is a massive result! The first time United conceded more than 2 goals since November 2007, and the first time they lose by 4 goals at Old Trafford since 1992!
    But i still think United will win the title (still 4 points ahead with a game in hand), but they will have a nervy last 9 games, with Liverpool and Chelsea giving them a real go. But this humiliating defeat at their own backyard AGAINST THEIR FIERCEST RIVAL in Liverpool FC will stay with them until next season! 😀

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