Raul : Anfield is CRAZY!!

The 31-year-old came to L4 to watch pal Fernando Morientes a few years ago – and he can’t wait to return on Tuesday for the Champions League second round second leg.

“I’m stuck for words. It’s so different: the singing in the ground and the approach to the stadium,” said Raul.

“You walk through the area with all the houses and suddenly there it is, the stadium, you can’t see it until it’s on top of you – crowded with all the fans, the noise, the passion.

“The atmosphere was incredible. It was a league game. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for a Champions League match – crazy.”

Raul also spoke of his admiration for opposition skipper Steven Gerrard.

“I’ve seen Gerrard win difficult games for his team so many times by scoring or making the all-important goal,” said the striker, who holds the record for most Champions League goals with 64. “He is so good at helping the side when they need him most.”

Liverpool vs Real Madrid (tonight!)



One thought on “Raul : Anfield is CRAZY!!

  1. william tan says:

    amazing how they brushed Real aside! if they finish second in the league this season (irrespective of what happens at Old Trafford on Saturday night) and win the Champions League in Rome come May then it will obviously be a fantastic season!

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