Che’ Tam; REST IN PEACE -I’ll Be Missin You ;-(

I’m at home right now! This week, I’ll be single child again! Yeah!

Thanks to my beloved Mr.Gonzales for accompanying me to meet Wana at McD Pudu, thanks to my sweetheart Wana for the lift home, and thanks to Wana’s beloved Pengkek for the dinner treat at Tanjung Karang! (Wa… First time aku nmpk dua org kawan aku ni romantic2 with each other! Xper babe, wpun aku tahan gelak, aku ttp sapot ko! Haha)

I arrived home at 12.30am. I could see my mom smiling behind the sliding door, waitin for me. It was kinda late already and my dad was already asleep, but as usual, my mom and I had late night catchin-up session. I told her lots of things happened at IPBA, lots of assignments need to be done, and also bout the Raub camp that I’m about to join. My mom told me lots of things too; about my lil sister who is still jobless, bout my elder sister who fought with my other sister, bout my nephew who now is getting naughtier, and also… bout my two cats, Peah and Che’ Tam. Peah just gave birth to four kittens last week (haven’t yet seen them!), and her brother; the very cute Che’ Tam, just died in an accident. Huhuhuhu…..
Is that what you call the balance of nature? To create some is to lose some?
*sob sob*

Tomorrow, I’ll be having Latihan Kemahiran Asas Memandu at Sungai Besar. That’s the main purpose of me going home this weekend actually. Argh… Takut lak!

p/s – sorry ‘you’, lupe nk msg awal, sonok sgt bercerite ngn mak! heheheh


5 thoughts on “Che’ Tam; REST IN PEACE -I’ll Be Missin You ;-(

  1. womanofworship says:

    Im a kitty luver and I know how it feels cause I lost a nice kitten as well she was a siamese cat.She was soo beautiful but at the last minute we had to give her shots and it just didn’t work out soo I think we buried her. She was the nicest cat but the next cat that I have is a he and his name is puma and he listens to me he lets me pick him up but you can’t do to much cause he will scratch you soo I understand cat lovers. . .

    Bless you

  2. wanna d'olliezess says:

    i wish all the best la babe for the next session of ur latihan memandu. make me proud ok.? hahaha…
    sorry for ur cat.
    as im just bathe my chester and ciponk after a month without showering. can adopt u a cat if u want. hahahaha….
    well, i dont know what to say.

  3. emywinchester says:

    womanofworship : yeah.. my cat was a good charming cat too..
    shy with strangers, but so playful with us..
    it got hit by a bike a week ago near the main road, and had a bad injury at his head..
    probably something attracted him to the main road, coz all this while, he never went near there…
    my may cat rest in peace..

    pengkek : cheh! hahaha!

  4. emywinchester says:

    babe, i think i did really good la tdi..
    bukit je hampeh sket.. asek mati enjin!
    damn! x cool langsung!
    i’ll take care of the new born kittens with all my heart!

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