Flashback When I First….. ~~

I still haven’t quite finished my Professional Development assignment, still there a few things need to be edited, but I’m already off task. I checked my mails, Facebook, and also my Friendster account which I have ignored for weeks. I was expecting lots of forwarded messages, stupid spam testimonials and all, and yeah, there they were. I deleted all the messages and all, and suddenly, something attracted my eyes. My old blog. My old Friendster blog.

Most of the entries I wrote were when I was in Brisbane. I started the blog days before I flew to Brisbane to further my study. So, when I read back;
“my mixed feelings to leave my family behind for almost two years,
my excitement when I first stepped my foot at Brisbane Airport,
when I first saw koalas and kangaroos,
when I first tried to mix around with my other friends who were from different foundation classes (whom some of them I hardly ever spoken to! [includes you, Mr.Gonzales.]),
when I first hang out with them at Gold Coast theme parks,
when I first learned surfing at Sunshine Coast,
when I first cooked my own food and Thank God I didn’t throw up,
when I first traveled with my friends to other states in Australia,
when I first experienced the cold during winter,
when I first encountered and feared drunken people at streets at night,
when I first doubted the food was halal or not,
when I first been in the same class with Aussie people (still remember the fear of not understanding their weird accent),
when I first met the very JARED PADALECKI!!!,
when I first danced Malay traditional dances,
when I first stayed outside my room until midnight with my friends,
when I first ‘raya’ with my friends with my ‘Kasut Mickey’ coz I didn’t have ‘Kasut Raya’,
and also….
when I first missed my family so so bad,”

I smiled.

It’s kinda funny the way I told stories, the way I described things then. So childish, so excited, so emotional and so honest! I just can’t believe that was me who wrote those stuff! Haha!

Some of the 1st-time pictures too, ūüôā

with the kangaroo...

1st time touchin the kangaroo at Gold Coast

Movie World, Gold Coast with Scooby Doo Crew!

1st time been to Movie World with Scooby Doo Crew!

kunun buat snowman!

1st time playin with snow and tried makin snowman at Mount Thredbo, Sydney!


GREATEST MOMENT OF ALL! 1st time meetin Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls and Supernatural at Sydney!

I suddenly miss the place, miss the atmosphere, miss the smell, miss the excitement, miss the fear, miss the doubt, miss the spirit of wanting to try new things, and miss the feeling of missing loved ones at home… I miss everything..


2 thoughts on “Flashback When I First….. ~~

  1. william tan says:

    first things first- weh apasal lah ko patut buat assignment tulis blog pulak =P
    yeah i get the same feelings like you do. being overseas will forever be my greatest experience – we see the other side of the world, tried new things, made more friends, made dreams came true….i miss New Zealand so much as much as you will miss Brisbane.
    But at least we made full use of our time overseas, and we came back with no regrets.

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