I Hate It

I hate it when I have to pretend.

I hate it when I start to care what people think.

I hate it when things have to be the other way around.

I hate it when things are not the same like yesterday.

I hate it when things move too fast that I’m afraid I might stumble.

I hate it when changes appear out of nowhere. Unplanned and unwelcome.

I hate it when it doesn’t feel right, not really knowing what goes wrong.

I hate it when I have to think hard, not really knowing what I would come up with.

I hate it.

But I hate it more, when I’m not being myself.

Always hate it.


5 thoughts on “I Hate It

  1. bsidesandrarities says:

    Then i guess it’s time for you to start doing what you love the most..being yourself. You should always remember that you should do things that can make you happy and not what can make others happy. Their opinion about you is just their opinion, what matters is how you look at yourself and that you feel good about being yourself. ^_^

  2. wanna says:

    not being ‘myself’ is like the worst part ever.
    like fake.
    like u have to run 5000m but u just cant do it.
    or like
    living with loser.
    and u have to be like ’em.
    but sometimes,
    to gain something is to sacrifice.
    tell me wat happen.

  3. bsidesandrarities says:

    we are all capable of understanding each other, it’s just that sometimes, all of us, some of us or few of us, forget what we are capable of.

    thank u 😀

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