Real Madrid vs Liverpool (1)





or… to be exact,


What are the odds from all of the years in the world, this year they are drawn to meet each other in Champion League ?
(I mean, the clubs.)

Gerrard and his teammates (abg2 The Reds yg lain) arrived at Bernabeu on Tuesday’s evening. The had several training sessions before Rafa decides whether Gerrard will be fit enough to play against Real Madrid.

The 1st leg of the game will be at Bernabeu Stadium, tonight and the 2nd leg of the game at Anfield would be on 10th March 2009. Liverpool is kinda lucky since they’ve got chance playing at home for the 2nd leg of the game. There are lots of advantages for that and The Reds lads must make a full use of it.

Real Madrid CF

Liverpool FC

Big game for Rafael Benitez since he used to play for Real Madrid when he was younger, for Fernando Torres who loves big occasions and once scored for Atletico Madrid against Real Madrid, for Steven Gerrard for his comeback after being sidelined for almost 3 weeks (IF he’s gonna play tonight), and for Mr.Gonzales who calls himself The True Madritas and berangan to be Raul Gonzales (that explains the nickname), and also for me, The Awek Liverpool aka The True Reds.

Before this, Mr.Gonzales has never kutuk2 or said anything bad about my team, has always supported my team no matter who is the opponent. Even if Liverpool played against Manchester United, he wouldn’t say anything bad bout Liverpool coz he said, his no.1 team is Real Madrid, not Manchester United so, he wouldn’t be that concern whoever won, just wanted to see how they played the game.

But I think that won’t last long.

Somewhere between those 90 minutes of tonight’s game, I’m sure he will ‘sumpah seranah’ my team.

And if Liverpool lost to Real Madrid tonight, just so you know Mr.Gonzales, I wont be speaking to you for 24 hours.

Liverpool Forever


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