Haih.. Si Balung Ayam (Again!)

Haih… Balung Ayam, Balung Ayam…

I dont know what’s her problem, but she seriously has lots. She keeps telling bad stories about other people to other people. She loves that, doesn’t she? Recently, I heard she said something bout me. About me and my blog. Something like… ‘Emy bajet best dlm blog..??’ Hmm..  Something like that la.. Hahahahah! This Balung Ayam is so funny! I dont think she tells bad stories now, I think she’s already moved to telling jokes.

I mean.. Comon Balung Ayam! Even if aku bajet best dlm blog pon, that’s my bussines la kan… What the helllll laaaa ko nk sebok2… Xkaaaan la ko xder keje lain sgt smpi psl aku ngn blog pon ko nk jadikan issue..Lawak gak la in a way that she doesn’t have other jokes to tell, so she used me and my blog as her new point. Maybe bgi dier, yg penting setiap ari kene jaja cerita, x ksah la kan cerita pape pon. Klo sehari x jaja cerita, maybe die akan gile meroyan. Hm.. Macam pathetic, tpi sebenarnyer tak. Maybe sebenarnyer die mang ade masalah mental… Who knows.. Kesian sgt kan si Balung Ayam ni…

Hm, dulu aku mara btol ngn dier ni.. Sbb masuk yg ni dh 2 kali dh dier ckp2 psl aku. Ckp2 yg sebenarnyer xder point pon… Tpi kali ni aku mcm x mara sgt, instead aku KESIAN SGT ngn dier…. X sangka la pulak die xder life smpi tahap mcm ni skali… My suggestions to you Balung Ayam, if you really have issues with my blog, then DON’t READ.. Just stay the hell away from it. I’ve never ever asked you to read it in the very first place, okay? Owh, and perhaps you might wanna fix your hair that to me, looks really2 horrible. I swear to God, it’s horrible for real. Scout’s Honor! But you know, if your theme is Balung Ayam Berambut Kembang (i dunno if this kinda hairstyle is back in fashion!), then no problem. I would say it suits you REALLY well. *shrugs*

(Hakhakhakhakhakhakhak!) 😀


4 thoughts on “Haih.. Si Balung Ayam (Again!)

  1. hunny says:

    ho..ignore je orang2 camnih emy..wat penat je pkir psl mereka. mebi she’s just jealous of u or something.atau mungkin juga hobi die berborak2 psal org laen. xpe..saba emy saba..byk pahale free ko dapat tu..hihi.. 😀

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