Lalalalala ~~

(background music, ‘My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson, Forever and Always by Taylor Swift, Seventeen Forever by MetroStation)

Hi everyone! It’s been crazy week, with classes and stuff. Nk muntah!!!

Hm.. Tommorow I’m supposed to go back home to finish my driving course that is only quarter way finished. Haha. But since we’ll be having extra class on this Saturday (fuck!), I told my mom that I’ll probably be going back home next week. Probably… Get a feeling my mom is dissapointed that I’m not going back this week, coz she didnt reply my text message. I mean, she always did. Huhu.

Yesterday, Nurul, Salina, Eqa and I were planning something quite crazy yet I think very exciting! Hehe. I’ve never planned or intended to do something like that, but since the offer was quite tempting, I just put myself in. It’s quite a big thing for my family (maybe not to some people) and I dont know if my parents will allow me to do it.. But it’s too late for me to draw myself back. So….. Tgk la camane… Huhu.

Actually, while I’m writing this, I still haven’t finished the task Ms.Ng gave me last week. ( tanak r mention name pompuan tu!!! saiko!)

This evening, I went to Midvalley by myself to buy facial foam and bandage. If it wasn’t for the cab yg sangat lambat and lembap, I would probably just take less than hour for the outing. Penat tgu! HUH!

Tomorrow, ade class Literature and Curriculum Studies. Both subjects BOSAN.

Erm, I better get back to what I was doing (homeowork yg annoying) before mataku terhempas!

Chiowz ~


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