I’ve Been Tagged, Again!!!

I’ve been tagged by FAT!!! (still gelak2 lgi bile teringt citer ko and the black board time ko kat skola. hahaha.)

1. Do you think you’re HOT?
Yeah.. Sometimes. The other time I would say I’m extra HOT! Hakhakhakhak!! No la.. It depends on what I’m wearing. Hahahaha!

2. Upload your favourite picture of you.
Ermmm…. Malas coz the internet speed here in IPBA is so…. lembap!

3. Why do you like that picture?
Of course la coz I look so cute in that picture (look je la..) Hahahaha! Plus, my Mr.Gonzales loves it too.. ;-P

4. When is the last time you ate pizza?
Hmm.. Couldnt remember… Maybe, last year when I was in Malaysia for summer break… With Wana, Pengkek, Cikin, Capira, Rina and Doyot. Not a big fan of pizza… Hehe.

5. The last song you listened to.
Forever and Always by Taylor Swift… This song has nothing to do with me and my life coz it’s about breaking up, heartbroken and stuff while I’m in a very happy zone right now *hahaha*, but this song is so cool!!! A good heart-breaking song! Plus, it’s a true story.  😛

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Hmm.. Eating Apollo Choc Layer Cake..

7. People you tag

8. Who is no.1?
Hahaha.. Salina Bitchy/ Bossy. Loves to tell gossips! My best and favourite satelite ever!! HAHAHAHAH!

9. Say something about no.5.
Pengkek… Hm… MU supporter, casual photographer, Wana’s boyfriend.. What else..?? Owh! Almost forgot. He’s my friend who will ‘belanja’ me…. Kan Pengkek? Kan? Kan? Hahaha!

10. How about no.4?
Owh, Sahara? She’s so pretty!!! She’s Sabahan like Sal, my friend when I was in Brisbane. 🙂

11. Who is n0.2?
My roomey!!!!! Was my housemate in Brisbane, now she’s my roomey. Every night when I wanna sleep, I will place my pillow near to her coz I’m afraid of…. ghost! Kehkeh. She’s not here right now, she’s going to tae kwan do training at the gym.

12. No.3??
Wana is my best friend since I was in school! We’ve been friends for almost 10 years now. She’s my only friend who I think knows everything. From computer/ hardware stuff, until lovey dovey stuff. Good at scandals too. Haha. Hm.. Not sure about cooking….


9 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged, Again!!!

  1. wanna says:

    ko jgn layan penyokong mu suxs gile aku baru delete 3 org dr frens list ym aku. bengong betol, pengkek tu bg diskaun siket la..hahaha

    scolari dah kene pecat, pasni chelsea makenn hampeh la kot. hahahaha..aku switch tu bolasepak selangor for the time being. ko jgn ckp2 ape2 pasal chelsea suxs ok. biar aku je yg ckp. hahaha.
    weyp, aku nak kek batik. mengidam nih weh. terngiang2. aku kan x pandai masak.

  2. emywinchester says:

    hahah! tu la.. MU supporters SUX and annoying! hahaha!
    tu la.. scolari dh kene pecat, ape kes weih? haha. tpi mang asek kalah teruk je pon time chels under dier. sian btol.. hehe.
    nnti aku balik, aku buatkan lgi kek batik ntok ko. ahhaha. takpon, aku gie umah sewa ko aku buat la. ko sedia bahan. hahahahhaha!

  3. raulslumber says:

    ehem2!!!im sure ur mr gonzales would be crazy to see ur pics!!haha..plus he once told me tat it would be great if u can make another cake batik for him..haha..it so yummy!!hihi.. last but not least, he mentioned to me ,being MU supporter is not tat bad dear!!hahaha…

  4. emywinchester says:

    owh yeah? about the pic, say this to him, ‘SWEET TALKER!’
    about the kek batik (or biskut batik?? hehe), erm…. i’ll make some (mengidam cam wana ke??) kehkeh
    last but not least,
    MU SUX!!!!!! Boo MU! Boo Fergie! rooney and ronaldo bleh blah! hahaha!

  5. wanna says:

    sure.sure. ko bgtau jerla bile ko nak wat nanti aku leh fetch ko kat ipba tu. hahaha. bahan2 aku sediakanla. hahahaha..
    memang dah ngidam ni weh.
    ok bebeh?

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