Merepek Tah Pahape


I watched,

Animal Planet channel
2 documentaries, Orcas and Big Cats
-two beautiful creatures that managed to pin my eyes to the TV for almost 4 hours-

Merlin BBC
Episode 8 -The Beginning of The End
Episode 9 -Excalibur (my favourite epsiode so far. hey que may fo beina… bla bla bla -Merlin’s spell)
Episode 12 -To Kill the King

Supernatural Season 4
Episode 13 – After School Special (Sam is used to be called, Midget. Hua9)

Other than watching all this, I spent some quality time with my Baby. Surfing net, Facebooking, downloading Merlin, searching for softwares, YMing, Youtube’ing… and etc. I am still at home. I was supposed to get back to IPBA today and I’ve already bought the ticket, but my mom wanted me to stay home for another day so, here I am, accompanying my mom. Just the two of us. Now.

Wanted to watch Australian Open Men Final (Federer lost to Nadal, anyway) but my mom is watching OASIS. It’s fine since I also love that channel. It reminds me when I was at school. All those zikirs that we used to sing (sing?) when we were in surau waitin for Isya’. It surprises me that I still remember all some of the zikirs. Hehe.

Yesterday was a big day for my fff… friend. It was his birthday and his ‘operation’ day. Bout his birthday, he was kinda mad at me coz I didnt wish him early which I purposely did, (hakhakhak) and bout his ‘operation’ day, Praise to God, everything went well. He’s getting better now. If God’s willing, he can get back to what he loves the most, FOOTBALL. To the field, woo hoo!

Talking bout football, tonight’s the big game. Between Liverpool and Chelsea. Go the REDS! YNWA ~~ (even tho Liverpool akan lawan Chelsea, tpi MU still SUCKS! Haha. Xder kaitan. Saje je aku nk kutuk2 MU. Hua9). No offense ‘you’, that’s the fact! Your club stinks! ūüėõ

Hmm… I’m now suffering from ulcer. Sbb kurang minum air. Jgn ckp nk mkn, nk telan air liur pon susah. *^^%$$#$&I*%%$#@

Laen2… ??

Xder. Tu je. Sok aku balik IPBA. Argh!!


3 thoughts on “Merepek Tah Pahape

  1. mr. gonzales says:

    haha!!tis is madness..but its true..u purposely did it..huhu..lets watching tonite’s lucky to win..hehe..

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