Australian Open Special 2009

Mighty Fed to the Final!!!

I didnt watch the game between Federer and Roddick coz I know Federer was gonna knock him out, gonna win easy (Roddick got to semi pon sbb Djokovic injured and retired in the middle of the game in quarter final, not because he defeated Djokovic in that game.) Clearly, he’s not the player that Federer should be careful with. So, as expected, Roddick still couldnt flip the script in this 18th meeting with Federer. Federer menang bergaye. Like they said, ‘Old school, New trick.’ Huahua..

Talking bout Australian Open, I would consider myself as lucky and unlucky. Lucky because, last year (my final year in Aussie), I got a chance to visit Rod Laver Arena (the main court where all these famous tennis players play their Australian Open game) in Melbourne. Melbourne is such a beautiful place especially during winter. And all the main attractions including Rod Laver Arena are just within the city area. Ponnie, Eqa and I had a guided tour inside the famous Rod Laver Arena where we visited male player’s changing room (my favourite part), their lockers (we’d been told that Federer was always offered locker no.1, and other top 10 players would be given privilege to choose whichever locker they want for eg Nadal would always choose, locker no. 78, and Djokovic, no.82), the walk of fame (where the champion will walk at this ‘walk of fame’, on their way to other room for interview session, in the end of the tournament), white hall where the players always hang around before games, and also the hard court in Rod Laver Arena itself.  But at the time we went there, the main court didnt really look like the one on tv coz they’d been preparing the place for other event. But it was cool that I was actually standing on the same court where Federer, Sharapova, Nadal, Ivanovic, Tsonga, Safin, Roddick, Hewitt and all other famous players played their game on!.

Federer's locker, no.1

Federer's locker, no.1!!

Djokovic's locker.. Hate him!

Djokovic's locker.. Hate him!

Outside Rod Laver Arena

Outside Rod Laver Arena

Inside Rod Laver Arena

Inside Rod Laver Arena

Well, unlucky because… I didnt watch the tournament live when I was in Aussie. Such a waste! That would be quite a summer experience, perhaps if I could meet Federer, Nadal or even Tsonga (i like Tsonga!), that would probably be the same experience like meeting Jared Padalecki during last winter. Haha!

Federer’s opponent is to be determined tonight (Rafael Nadal vs Fernando Verdasco). First Spanish set-up game in Australian Open history.


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