Girls Day Out!

It’s Girls Day Out!!!! (with my 6 girls)

Me, Wana, Capira, Cikin, Aina, Doyot and Rina reunited today (Mas was supposed to be there as well, but she was busy since his brother’s wedding day was this morning)! Talk about priority, huh? Even though Mas wasn’t there, it was still fun!

Wana picked me up at 10.30 and then we went to Rina’s and Cikin’s to pick them up before dropping by at Pengkek’s (okay, Pengke’s the only man there). Then, we went straight to Capira’s house. Aina and Doyot were already waiting for us. It’s kinda weird that they were already there coz usually, Doyot adelah yg paling lmbat skali. Hahaha! We had spagethi, then Nasi Ayam for lunch. I was so so so full today. And I brought my special Batik Cake as well since Wana asked me to otherwise she swore she would beat me up if I didn’t make the cake. Hua9. We watched Ulangan Juara Lagu while having lunch and of course, we did some catching-ups and gossiping too.

After that, we went to town to lepak2 again with Pengkek. It has been understood that ‘Wana and Pengkek’ is already a thing now. Hahahah! Nways, Pengkek belanja kitorg sume mkn petang tdi. Thanks dude. That was so nice of you. Haha! Yela, Pengkek tgh kaye skang. Bisnes kencang katenyer! Haha! And after mkn2 lagi, we walked to park nearby to do some photoshoot! Yeah! My favourite part here! The lompat2 shoot! Pengkek was the photographer, our great photographer. Haha. But I dont have the pics with me right now, coz I forgot to bring my camera, but Pengkek and Wana will gimme the pics as soon as they uploaded them. And I will upload them here in my blog. Before this, I’ve never noticed that the park at Sg.Besar (the one at the big cross-junction) is actually quite nice! Hahaha!

Hmm.. What else?

Erm.. It’s been a while since we last changed presents with each others. So, we’re gonna do it again now. We drew names to decide who will be giving presents to who, and we can’t reveal the names until the ‘present-giving’ day. The price would be around RM30 to RM50. Last time we played this, I got Wana and I gave her white shorts. Haha. And I couldnt remember who gave me the present, and what the present was. It was in F5. It’s like million years ago. Haha!

But this time, I got…. TUTTTT! Can’t tell! Hua9

Hmm.. I got home when it was already dark. Wana sent me home. As long as I haven’t got my driving license, Wana would be my driver here. Right girl?

Okay. Gtg! I blom mndi lagi and I’m so melekit right now. Haha! C ya!

p/s – Pics later okay! Still haven’t got them!


5 thoughts on “Girls Day Out!

  1. wanna says:

    yup babe!!!
    ok, ur kek batik is so delicious.
    i like it i feel like to ask u to do it again.
    pls dont refuse if i ask u to do that e!! or i kick ur @#$%^&!!!
    really had fun with u and all the girls!!!

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