Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #7

(background music, can’t help falling in love by ateens -lilo and sticth disney cartoon-)

Last week was so tiring. We had to go to class on Saturday and it was a full day with barely free hours.

New administration in IPBA, I think most of the rules are stupid and ridiculous, not to mention a bit funny to me. Clearly to me, they’ve never ever got this kinda positions before, so they are a bit ‘batak or jakun’ in using the power that they have.

Other thing, yesterday we (ponnie, eqa, nurul, sal, alan, jue, shah and me) went to Secret Recipe MidValley to celebrate Sal’s and Alan’s birthdays who are both in January. We had Banana Chocolate Cake for the birthday persons, and other separate orders for dinner. We had fun! Happy birthday again to my beloved Sal Bitchy and Alan Lonely. Hahah. May God Bless You Both. Love you guys!

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned about jerseys that I got as souvenirs from my friends, William and KakWani since they were back from England. And also last week, I got another jersey, Liverpool Home Kit, the red one. That one as a…. I dunno, gift?? Hehe. Really2 appreciate it!! Thanks again, ‘you’!! 🙂

Tonight, Liverpool will be against Everton (Home Game). Reds must win the game to take back the top spot from that stinking smelly club, the evil of the evil hated by the whole ANTI-MU universe, Manhancus United! No offense ‘you’, MU still sucks no matter what. Haha!


What else??

Oh yeah, I’m having sore throat right now. Thanks to Ponnie and Nurul btw, for the virus. 😛

Wow! Can’t believe it’s 7pm now!!! I thought it was still 5pm or something. Damn!


p/s – Pics will be uploaded during this Chinese New Year break. Internet speed here is a real sad! *&*$@#%$


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