Prayer of Love

Never have thought there’ll come a time,

When I’ll feel again the warmth of its shine,

You came like rain in my mind,

Still, there’s a reason that I should find.

There were many things I should have known,

Yet my fear held its throne,

It led my heart to a place I know,

Where there’s no other way but to grow.

Only God knows where this will go,

I could only ask for His Mercy to show,

For prayers and love are all I have,

Let him to be the one I’ve been searching for.


2 thoughts on “Prayer of Love

  1. emywinchester says:

    hahaha.. kat apartment, okay la gak kot..
    but kat college, everything’s sucks!!
    class yg byk, rules yg bodo and ridiculous, and admin yg batak kuasa..
    mcm nk sepak je sekor2! argh!

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