Lil Updates (Not Catchin-Up Series)

Heyp everyone!

Just lil updates here.. I’m back at IPBA.. or the other name is Institut Perguruan Bahasa-Bahasa Antarabangsa (International Languages Teacher Training Institute) at Lembah Pantai. My new roomate is Nurul aka Puteri who was also my housemate, and cleaning partner when I was in Brisbane. Eqa and Ponnie who were also my housemates in Brisbane, are in the next room in the same apartment, in room C.

It’s been over a week now, since the first day I registered here. Many things have changed, as many as they haven’t.

Ade 2 bnde nk citer, Family Day kat PD arie tu ngn Jerseys!! Haha.. Wassup with the plural?? Coz i got two jerseys from England. Tons of thanks to my beloved fellow Reds fan, William who was just got back from visiting Anfield. I actually asked for the Home Jersey, the red one, but he said the home kit was too expensive, so he just bought me the Away Kit (the Grey one) which is NOT TOO BAD!!! Hey, it’s fresh from Official Liverpool Store in Anfield, of course it’s not too bad!! Feel like I could smell the Anfield atmosphere from the jersey.. Haha! William, I LOVE YOU!

And the other jersey is England jersey which is from KakWani. Aku soh die beli since die blom fly lgi, seb baek die x wat2 luper. Hahahah! Thanks to you too ex roomey!!!

Gambar2 laen, nnti la aku upload. Tenet kat IPBA ni lembap sket la.. Aku malas nk tgu. Nnti aku balik umah, aku upload sume gmbar yg aku raser nk upload.

Ops, lupe. Pesanan ntok Sal Bitchy – “if u nk bermesra2 ngn blog i, sile tukar kepada streamyx or ape2 broadband yg laju sket coz blog i ni mang akan byk pics. and i tatau camane nk jdikan blog i ni sebagai mesra dial-up. plus, dial-up is so like last century. so  Sal, as a true friend, i’m gonna say this for your good sake, GET OUT OF THE STONEAGE!!!

p/s -this entry is especially dedicated to Sal, that’s why ade 1 pic je. Hua9


2 thoughts on “Lil Updates (Not Catchin-Up Series)

  1. william tan says:

    Awww what an honour to be mentioned in your blog! 😀 haha memang lah internet IPBA nih tak boleh diharap langsung – im forced to use my own broadband now.

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