Abang Owen vs Abang Gerrard… And ‘The Bitch’.


Hey there! Liverpool won the match against Abang Owen’s team (5-1), scored by Liverpool -Gerrard (31,66),  Hyypia (66), Babel (49), Alonso (76 pen) and Newcastle United- Edgar (45). That’s quite a score! Even though Liverpool won big, but poor Abang Owen. He’s a good player in a bad team… Watching my both beloved captains Abang Owen and Abang Gerrard, standing before each other before the game started, I couldnt help thinking that it was EGO, standing between them, in a good way of course, but to me it was like best friends, or brothers who were gonna destroy each other. One was gonna win, and the other was gonna lose. Two captains who once fought in the same club with both being key players, lifted trophies together and shared sweet victories, now stepping on the same grass and fighting against each other. How could it not be EGO..??

Instead of uploading the pictures from the match, I uploaded Owen and Gerrard pictures, before and after Owen left Anfield.

The Good Old Times..

The Good Old Times..

Mike and Steve

Mike and Steve

Strange, huh??

Two good players make Two Captains

Good game, man!

Good game, man!

Anyways, I have this cool fantasy about Abang Owen and Abang Gerrard.

I actually hope that one day, Liverpool would lose to Newcastle United with Owen being the Man of the Match, and Rafa would realize Owen’s actual potential and thinking how stupid he is if he doesn’t use that man’s ability for his team. And then, Rafa brings Owen back to Anfield. Owen and Gerrard, the awesome Anfield-homegrown best friends are back!! Both in red jerseys!! Both play for Anfield!! OMG, that duo would be PERFECT! Liverpool’s gonna be STRONGER than ever!!!! Haha! Hey, a Reds’ fan can dream, can’t she? She just misses the old times. 😛


Nways, tomorrow I want to introduce you to my BITCH. Yeah, I’ll be having a bitch, folks. Do you wanna know who my BITCH is?? Check out tomorrow’s entry. Hua9


2 thoughts on “Abang Owen vs Abang Gerrard… And ‘The Bitch’.

  1. emywinchester says:

    mane tau org2 mabuk tu yg provoke die smpi die tak thn, die blasah r org tu. logic je, since LIV kat atas kan skang ni, byk la fans club laen jeles2 tu.. b4 this, xder pon Abang Gerrard mcm tu, sbb LIV kat bwh. Haha! Ni dh kat atas, byk la x puas hati. tu theory aku la..
    sbb Abg Gerrard bukan jenis belasah2 org, so klo die belasah tu, dh tentu ade alasan kukuh. samada org tu malukan die, atau kelab dier.
    klo org tu kutuk2 Liv depan Abang Gerrard, aku puas ati Abang Gerrard belasah org tu. pdn muke.
    harusla aku backing Abang Gerrard aku!

    hepi new year babeh!!!

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