It Wasn’t So Bad! + Liverpool Rules!


Yesterday, I taught English to secondary students which were aged between 13 to 16 years old. There were 4 boys and 3 girls. Faisal, Fadhil, Luqman, Ma’ie, Hawa, Fatin and Hikmah.

Even though they were still not very confident with their English (which I think they shouldn’t), they learned quite fast. Well, some of them are studying in boarding school, so no wonder they are fast learners. But Ma’ie is special case. He’s a bit slower compared to the rest, he played a lot last night, loyar buruk, banyak cakap, asek kacau mmber2 laen, but at least, he wanted to come and learn. 🙂

The topic that I taught in this last session was Idioms. I beat my brains out to find the suitable and interesting topic for them. Since I’m not used to secondary school’s syllabus, I didn’t know what topic would catch their attention. It wasn’t so difficult actually, but I just had no interest of teaching secondary students. Bayangkan la.. Sambil reka activity, smbil merungut2. Mang la susah nk dpt idea. And that made it difficult. Fyi, last week’s session didn’t really go well for me, since I wasn’t so confident, feeling awkward and a little bit nervous. But in this class, everything went smoothly I should say. They were more friendly, I handled it well, and to my surprise, I kinda felt sad thinking that this was my last session with them.

Hey, teaching secondary students is not so bad!

And also, this week, my mighty Reds, Liverpool still rules the league, baby!!!! YNWA~~



Pld Pts
1 Liverpool 18 39
2 Chelsea 18 38
3 Aston Villa 18 34
4 Manchester United 16 32
5 Arsenal 18 31
6 Hull City 18 27
7 Everton 18 26
8 Fulham 17 24
9 Bolton 18 23
10 Portsmouth 18 23
11 Wigan Athletic 17 22
12 Newcastle United 18 22
13 Sunderland 18 21
14 Middlesbrough 18 20
15 Stoke City 18 20
16 Tottenham Hotspur 18 19
17 West Ham United 18 19
18 Manchester City 18 18
19 Blackburn Rovers 18 16
20 West Bromwich 18



8 thoughts on “It Wasn’t So Bad! + Liverpool Rules!

  1. wanna says:

    MU is suxs. it will last forever.
    but, chelsea will rules, i guess for this season.
    but dear, u know what?
    as long as u r not MU follower.., i will not give shit about that.
    still can nego wit the liberpul’s fan. hahaha….

  2. emywinchester says:

    MU follower????
    not in this lifetime babe, or next, or the next after that, or the next next after that, or the next next next after that, or (haha! u got the idea right?)
    MU SUX! Say NO to MU! Haha!

  3. inche,helmi says:


    aku sokong pon, tade kaitan dengan lu…tiap2 orang kan ade minat masing2…aku minat m.u, ko minat leberpul..aku minat limp bizkit, ko minat westlife.


    (dey, bile nak beli simkad daaa…aku rekemen ko carik celcom UOX kat celcom center berhampiran. sumpah berbaloi pakai uox!!!!!!siyesss!!!!! )

  4. emywinchester says:

    haha! mang la xder kaitan ngn gua, gua cume berpendapat, org lelaki minat MU adelah LAME!!!
    hm, klo gua berpendapat mcm tu pon, sukati gua la kan…
    xder kaitan ngn lu.
    laen org laen pendapat.

    (mang nk beli UOX pon… dh ramai rekemen, tpi aku beli skali ngn nset. most probably next week kot. haha! you’ll be informed!

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