Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #6


Background song, -Ruang Rindu by Letto- -Gtichie Gitchie Goo by Phineas, Ferb and Candace-

  • Hang out with old friends
  • Ears piercing
  • Arsenal vs Liverpool (comment)
  • English class
  • Driving license

Hang Out with Old Friends

Last Friday, I went out with Wana aka my Superbabeh and my ex-schoolmate, Bektul. Wana picked me up at my house, at 10.30am and drove us to Bektul’s house. I cant remember when was the last time I met Bektul. I think I hadn’t seen her since after SPM. We went to KFC to meet Pengkek aka Inche Helmi. Wa… Makin semangat la badan lu Pengkek. I tried to persuade Pengkek to ‘belanje’ us KFC, but persuade punyer persuade, aku lak yg kene belanje. Hampeh btol. Haha.

Wana (left) Bektul (right)

Wana (left) Bektul (right)


Emy (one and only, :-P)

We did lots of catching up stories, gossiping of course, and pictures-snapping. Wana and Pengkek, both are photo maniacs I should say. Pengkek has always been offered to take pictures at wedding ceremony, and he takes it as his side-job. And Wana is his scandalous sidekick (latest thing I know bout them! Haha!).

After that, kitorg round2 Sg.Besar to look for my dream cell phone, which is actually out of stock. Dah lame ke sebenarnyer handset tu keluar? Hmm.. Skang ni aku dh agak ketinggalan sket bab2 handset ni, so.. I don’t really know about that. And since I was so disappointed, I changed my mind from taking flip phone to slide phone. And most likely, I would buy Sony Ericsson.

Ears Piercing

And also on that day, I got my ears pierced for the 1st time. Hu… Wana pakse. Tpi bagus la dier pakse.. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get my ears pierced forever and would be teased my mom ‘telinge jantan’. Pahape la mak ni… Haha! To wana, ‘wei, ko kate x sakit.. Ni skang still kebas2 tau telinge aku..Huhu’.

Ears piercing. Obviously, this isn't me.

Ears piercing. Obviously, this isn't me.

Arsenal vs Liverpool (comment)

Last night, I watched Liverpool game against Arsenal on ESPN. Arsenal led the game when Persie scored at minute 24. After that, Keane equalized the score at minute 43. The hope was back! And it was getting higher when The Gunners’ key player, Adebayor was given red card (I like! You’ve got served, baby!). Long story short, The Gunners were being so BABI+SIAL last night. All of them! No exception! Maen bola mcm samseng kampung. Dh cuak la tu sebenarnyer si Adebayor dh kena sent off, pastu hold the game and asek men kasar je. KEJI btol!!! Since last nite’s game, I grow my hatred towards Persie. HATE YOU PERSIE!!!! The only good thing is, Fabregas is now injured and will be out of games for at least 6 weeks. HAHAHA! (Evil Laugh!)

Reds striker, Keane (7)

Reds striker, Keane (7)

Reds striker, Keane (7)

Reds striker, Keane (7)

Hmm.. Rafa was nowhere to be found at the Emirates Stadium, last night. He stayed in Merseyside to recover from kidney stone operation. He watched the game from there, and gave orders and tactical instruction through phone. It was kinda interesting watching the Liverpool staff talking to Rafa on phone, and then seeing them delivering the orders from Rafa to Sammy Lee, and Sammy Lee stood up and shouted the instructions to the players, like Rafa always does. Mcm maen ‘Telefon Rosak’. What would happen if there was any miscommunication? Hehe.

English Class

Today, I helped my dad teaching English to primary kids at my place. Kinda fun! I brought story book, and told them the story, we made cards from coloured papers, drew pictures, and last but not least, we also sang songs, ‘The More We Get Together’. I was a bit tired today since the kids were so ACTIVE! Haih…


Cool teacher like me makes learning fun! Haha!

Driving License

And also today, I registered for a driving-license application. Hey, I CAN DRIVE SINCE I WAS 18 okay!! It’s just that I dont have the license coz my parents esp my mom didnt trust me enough for having a driving license. Die cakap nnti aku merayau smpi tatau nk balik. Hm, macam la klo aku xde lesen tu aku x bleh nk merayau.. Tak paham btol. But now, I’m getting the license. So, to make the 5-year wait worth, I want a car!!! Red-Myvi! I’ve been telling them bout that since I was in Brisbane. So, they better dont forget. Hehe.

p/s – Let’s hope Chelsea kalah lawan Everton! So, The Reds will stay TOP! Aminn..


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