Last Night Stories


I’m not in the mood today.

Last night I slept with anger and frustration. As usual, TV conflict. I wanted to watch Liverpool game against Hull City, but my mom and my sisters were watching that stupid Malay flick (again!) on Ria or whatever channel it was. I was so angry that I had no idea to describe it. IT WASN’T FAIR!!! I couldn’t watch all those games when I was in Brisbane, and now when I’m at home already, I still can’t watch them! And they’ve been watching that flick, since like.. I dunno, forever?! And it wasn’t a good flick after all, just bunch of idiots who really can’t act but still insist of being on TV! And people still have fun watching them?? Ergh! God, pls! I think Dad should suscribe two Astros in this house so there won’t be any conflicts anymore. Huh!

Liverpool vs Hull City

Liverpool vs Hull City (2-2)

And to add to my miserable moment, my team only draw with ‘whatsthenameagain’ club, Hull City. What the hell? And it was home match, for God sake! It’s good that they could equalize the score after being left 2 goals behind. But, they should’ve led at the first place so that ‘whatsthenameagain’ club couldn’t take advantage of them. Hmm.. but what do I know? I didnt watch the game. They’ve probably played their best.

Speaking of Liverpool, my friend, Encik Mael forwarded me this super cool-important-big news,


Liverpool, to Malaysia??

Liverpool, to Malaysia??

Seriously, I dunno what to say to that. Dont wanna be too excited when everything is still in discussion stage, coz I dun wanna end up frustrating and blowing my brain out (literally) when the tour is canceled after I got my hopes up.

And also, I think I made someone mad last night… To you (you know who you are), I’m sorry for behaving irrationally. 🙂

Last but not least,

HAS ANYONE SEEN MY ‘BROTHERS & SISTERS DVD- THE COMPLETE 1ST SEASON’, the one that I bought in Melbourne last winter??? I cant find it!!!

Bro&Sis Complete Season 1

Bro&Sis Complete Season 1

Am just hoping I didnt leave it at the West End house…. Huhuhu. I bought that DVD after I swore to myself, NOT to waste anymore dollar over something stupid coz at that time I was way overbudgeted already, but that DVD turned out to be the most expensive thing I bought. How can I not love the DVD???


One thought on “Last Night Stories

  1. Mohd Ismail says:

    biasa’lah mak2 kita.. selera lain dgn anak muda =) mmg patut pun ade 2nd decoder (same account, ask astro how)..

    *ataupun, carik clique utk kuar tgk bola kat mapley.. meriah lagi.. itu pun kalau awk leh kuar malam.. hehe*

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