Happy and Sad…


Last two days, we celebrated Danish’s and his mummy’s birthday. Ucu and Pak Ujang (mom’s sister and her husband) visited us and brought Secret Recipe Cake for those birthday boy+lady. Danish was very excited to cut the cake that he nearly ruined it using the plastic knife (he kept saying HIYAH! HIYAH! as if the cake was a monster, and he was the Power Ranger who was trying to destroy the monster). Haih…

Huh, cake birthday ke, cake raya ni..?? Haha!

Huh, cake birthday ke, cake raya ni..?? Haha!

Tgk la budak nakal ni.. Excited btol smpi tanak pndang camera!

Tgk la budak nakal ni.. Excited btol smpi tanak pndang camera!

I can see his naughtiness clearly from this angle.

I can see his naughtiness glowing from this angle.

Looking at him now, I remember how tiny+quiet he was when I was holding him at KLIA, just minutes before I checked in with my friends to fly to Aussie for the 1st time, almost 2 years ago. Time does really fly.

Me with 2-month old Danish, KLIA (13th Feb, 2007)

Me with 2-month old Danish, KLIA (13th Feb, 2007)

Danish is now 2. Bigger, faster, stronger, trickier, naughtier, (darker.. haha!) than ever!

Erm, that was happy story. And, unfortunately, I also have a sad story to tell. My cat (okay, she technically wasn’t my cat, but i was starting to love her coz she always wandered around my house) was dying infront of me. At that time I was just finishin my lunch. And I went outside to pick up my laundry, and that was when I saw her. It looked like she was sleeping at the garage, with her back on me. But usually, she was afraid of people and everytime she saw or heard us even when she was sleeping,  she would get up and run away. But, this time, she stayed and not moving. I stared at her, and slowly walked towards her to pet her, and at that time I could saw clearly that she was breathin fast and slightly shaking. She tried to ‘meow’, and the sound coming out of her was so horrible. Like she was in horrible pain. She just opened her mouth and kept shaking. I was shocked and starting to panic. I wanted to touch her, but I was afraid. She really looked like she was dying. I nearly cried when I saw her kicking her legs wildly, like she was being electrocuted.

I called my mom and my sister. But we all didnt know what to do. It was 6.30pm and no vet clinic was open at that hour. Mom thought that she had probably eaten somethin poisonous. I dragged my sister to the kitchen and took a bottle of water. I spooned the water into her mouth, helped her drinking it.. I was relieved when I saw that she didn’t shake hard anymore, and she also stopped kicking her legs.. Just the breathing didnt slow down.. I petted her neck, probably to let her know that she wasn’t alone.. Hehe! After I thought that she was better, I went inside to take a shower. I didnt realize I spent almost 2 hours in there. And once I got out, my sister told me that the cat hadn’t moved anymore. I remembered saying, ‘Dier tido kot…’ coz I didnt wanna think that the cat was dead. She couldnt be dead. She was better when I left her. But my sister said, ‘Tpi mcm dah ‘tu’ je…’ She couldnt even say the word. I ran to the cat… and my sister was right.. She didn’t move coz she was dead. And probably, the second I thought she was better coz she stopped shaking hard and, stopped kicking her legs, she was actually getting worst. She was dying.. And I couldnt save her.

Until now, I still couldnt get the pictures out of my head. It was my first time seeing that, and I truely HATE IT! And I wouldnt dream of seeing it again. Coz it hurts me.



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