The World’s Best and Worst Airport


After Subuh, I got my Baby and start browsing, and accidentally found this article. It’s interesting because before reading the article, I kinda guessed which airport is the world’s worst airport and as I read it through, my guess is correct. Haha! (Well, I think everybody can guess which airport is the world’s worst!). So, here we go!


London Heathrow

London Heathrow #1

London Heathrow #1

London Heathrow #2

London Heathrow #2

London Heathrow #3

London Heathrow #3

London Heathrow,

“has been voted the worst airport in the world by members of Priority Pass, the world’s leading independent airport lounge program. More worrying news for Heathrow is that British members, who know the airport best, give an even more damning verdict than those in the rest of the world.”

“is the airport most frequent travellers want to avoid according to a new survey from Priority Pass, the airport VIP lounge programme.”

“was a clear ‘winner’ in the ‘worst airport’ category with 15% of the votes of worldwide travellers. British travellers were even more damning, with 30% naming Heathrow as the worst airport in the world.”

Summary of the survey (Worldwide Vote)

  • 15% London Heathrow (England)
  • 5% Paris Charles de Gaulle (France)
  • 5% Los Angeles LAX (United States)
  • 5% Chicago Hare (United States)


Hong Kong Chap Lap Kok

Hong Kong Chap Leko Kok #1

Hong Kong Chap Leko Kok #1

Hong Kong Chap Lek Kok #2

Hong Kong Chap Lek Kok #2

Hong Kong Chap Lek Kok #3

Hong Kong Chap Lek Kok #3

Hong Kong Chap Lek Kok Airport,

“along with Singapore Airport has being voted favourite airports by these travellers, who take an average of 19 flights a year each.”

Summary of the survey (Worldwide Vote)

  • 13% Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok
  • 11% Singapore Changi
  • 7% Amsterdam Schiphol
  • 5% Dubai World Central

It’s not so suprising that Asian Airports get the top votes. Even KLIA (yg x masuk ranking tu) is way beautiful compared to Brisbane International Airport. Hahaha.. I’ve never intended to see London Heathrow. The airport that I think would be interesting to see is, Dubai World Central. Coz I really admire Dubai, as stated in my entry months ago. Hehe.

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18 thoughts on “The World’s Best and Worst Airport

  1. William Tan says:

    Lol even I heard that London Heathrow is horrible. Apparently carpet dia tuh, koyak-koyak dan sebagainya. I am transiting in Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok en route to Heathrow. On my way back to KLIA with Emirates I will be transiting in Dubai so bile jumpa kat IPBA nanti I will be able to tell you how they all are hehe 😀

    • santana says:

      i took a flight from Houston to London, and when we got to the Heathrow airport, it was about as dirty as a subway.
      and there were only TWO lines open to check people’s passport.
      the 2 lines converged into one line, which was probably about 50 yards long.
      it was bad.

    • courteney says:

      not all of them are bad r they

      i think heathrow is kl but i can never get to sleep cause i live only a few miles away from it


  2. emywinchester says:

    i’m so jealous I feel like killing u right now!!!!
    U get a chance to see anfield, and Dubai as well!!!
    I’m so gonna kill u if u dont buy me something!

  3. William Tan says:

    Aww Im only at the airport in Dubai lah, tak keluar jalan-jalan weh…and will surely buy you something my fellow Liverpool mate!!

  4. sailnaked says:

    I’ve only been there once and it was without a doubt one of the worst airport experienced I’ve ever had. I have managed to avoid it however I have to once again go thru there enroute to Paris. I cry myself to sleep thinking about it.

  5. dr.benjamin.d.r. says:

    Believe it or not in my opinion London Heathrow airport is the best in the world.I am visiting London since 1972 I have seen many airports of the world but none will match london Heathrow.Because it is the busiest airport of the world you will come across an ocean of travelers and you will be looking for comfort.Comfort you will get from the festval atmosphere at the airport.I salute the humanity at the airport.Best wine best food best shopping best security all available at Heathrow.

  6. Ani Fernandez says:

    Hola ! Chap lek hk aiport & Singapure are the best organized , Amsterdam Schiphol
    is more fun and better shopping options , Dubai World Central is the most expensive !!



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