“Hi Again Malaysia”, Episode 2- Here I Am


I’m back in Malaysia, already!

It wasn’t so emotional. I was sad to leave this country, leave my Brisbane’s life behind, but I didnt cry. And back home, I didnt wanna expect anything. We took lots of pictures, had one last look at the Brisbane City, Story Bridge, Brisbane River, Unilodge Brisbane, Hosaku, Nandos City, Myer, and everthing that had become part of our life here. If there were other options, I wanted to stay. Not that I hate going back to my own country, but I haven’t had enough fun here, yet. Sides, I am already into this place. The people, the places, the streets, the river, the culture, the music, the stores, the transportation, (Citycat!!!!!), the food (Omg! Easyway! I miss Easyway!!!), everything! Everything except for the weather. That’s the only thing I hate in Brisbane.

Being in Brisbane for almost 2 years, I learned a lot. Like a lot more than the word ‘a lot’ itself. You won’t know until you experience it yourself.

At KLIA, when I wanted to change my Aussie dollars to Malaysian Ringgit, I didnt know what to say to the lady at the counter. It was awkward. And I ended up giving those money to the lady and while saying, ‘Nah’ in a weird way. It felt weird to speak in Malay for this kinda business. Nurul and I giggled discreetly. Same thing happened when I wanted to order Nasi Lemak Enak at the KFC (I was quite surprised there was such thing in KFC, actually!). I think, I said the word Nasi Lemak in Bahasa Baku, instead of Nasik Lemak. I wouldnt realize I said the words like that if the people behind the counter didn’t look at me in a weird way. But, whatever.

And the last thing that I feel very annoying and uncomfortable, other people around me understand my conversation with my friends. No matter what language we use, English or Malay, people will understand. And that’s so so very annoying!

Say ‘I’m poyo’, judge me for saying this, (hell, I won’t care!), but really, it’s not easy to change all that to Malaysian tune again.

But, I’m happy that I can be with my family again! I can fight with my sisters, can play with my nephews and nieces, can watch football infront of TV every weekend! Those are the things that matter!!



Last but not least, aku still xder Malaysia punyer contact number. But since most of my friends bought CELCOM number at the airport yesterday, plus most of my family members are also using that line, I am actually planning to use it too! Babai Maxis!


4 thoughts on ““Hi Again Malaysia”, Episode 2- Here I Am

  1. kapalterbangkertas says:

    hmm…a lil bit ironic (i guess),at least you can still remember how to say it (nasik lemak) 🙂
    …selamat ‘sireh pulang ke gagang…’ hehehe. have a nice stay here in Malaysia (no heart feeling right?)

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