• Got on 199 bus from West End to the city with Nurul.
  • Bought Daily Consession 2 Zones ticket= $2.90.
  • Put the ticket in my wallet.
  • Put the wallet on my lap when I sat.
  • Reading Nurul’s script about the QOTD.
  • Arrived at the city, got off the bus.
  • Walked to King Goerge Square to catch 333, 66, 330 or 340 bus to Kelvin Grove Campus.
  • Took out my wallet to show the bus driver the ticket.
  • The wallet couldn’t be found.
  • Panic!
  • Still struggling infront of the bus driver for the ticket.
  • The ticket still couldn’t be found.
  • Luckily, the driver was very nice (young and cute!), he asked me what’s wrong?.
  • I answered him, ‘Sorry, I can’t find my wallet..”.
  • He said, ‘No worries, just hop on!’
  • I was surprised, ‘Really??’
  • He said, ‘Yeah, just hop on!’
  • I quickly got on the bus and sat beside Nurul who was looking at me, worried.
  • I was still looking for the wallet.
  • And the wallet still couldn’t be found.
  • I tried to recall……..
  • SHIT!
  • The wallet was on my lap-I got off the 199 bus-The wallet dropped!!!
  • So yeah folks!!
  • I lost my wallet! Again!
  • And this would be the fourth time in 2 years that I lost my wallet!
  1. At Paddy’s market, Sydney (2007)
  2. Abra Kebab, Brisbane City (2007)
  3. Abra Kebab, Brisbane City (2007)
  4. In 199 bus from West End (2008)

I tried to calm myself down, but I ended up screaming 3 times. At Kelvin Grove campus, at Princhester’s house and lastly, at the kitchen in my house while I was having lunch.

-I’m sick of living like this!!! FUCCKKKK!-


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