Tagged Alert! Nenoneno ~~


by… Nurul (again). Who else? Hahaha!

The Last Person to Tag You Is?


Nurul aka Princess

Nurul aka Princess

Puteri Nurul Nazahiah Binti Datu Bandira

What Relationship of You with Him/Her?

  1. My friend
  2. My housemate
  3. My classmate
  4. My cleaning partner
  5. and should I mention, my crime partner?? Haha!

Your 5 Impressions Towards Her.

  1. She’s so emotionless. So blurr calm. But full of crazy ideas. Haha!
  2. She’s smart. No doubt.
  3. She doesn’t eat beef. I think she was once used to be a vegetarian. If I’m not mistaken.
  4. She loves reading fanficts. She can’t live without them, infact.
  5. She thinks Supernatural’s Dean is TOP (If only you guys know what I really mean, here..) which I so fuckin agree!!!

The Most Memorable Thing that He/She Had Done for You


Erm… She gave ‘a book’ for my 21st birthday, last year. She knew I didn’t read books, that was why she bought me an extraordinary book, the ‘Michael Owen Autobiography’ book. Sbb Nurul tau aku mang sayang sgt ngn Abang Michael tu. Even though, byk jugak abang2 laen aku syg (Abg Jensen and Abg Stevie G), Abg Michael tetap no.1. Haha! So, thanks Nurul!

If He/She Will Become Your Lover, You Will…

  1. Ask her to change herself into a boy/man/guy… whatever.
  2. Ask her to go play football.
  3. Ask her to build some muscle.

If She Becomes Your Enemy, You Will…

  1. Ignore her…
  2. Or maybe, I will gossip about her everyday.
  3. Think she’s weird coz she’s so calm. Hahahaha! (Jgn mara Nurul! I love you!)

If He/She Becomes Your Lover , He/She Has to Improve on..

  1. Showing some emotions. Hahahaha!
  2. Her time management. (Nurul, you’ve got to spend more time with me rather than with your fanficts!)
  3. Football skills.

If He/She Becomes Your Enemy , The Reason Is…

  1. Because she’s siding with The Queen of the Damned (TQOTA)!!!
  2. Because she agrees that TQOTA is an innocent angel!!!
  3. Because… she’s a Manchester United supporter (which she’s not.)

How Do You Think The People Around You Will Feel About You?

Erm… Should I give a shit bout that?? I dont really care, actually.

The Character For Yourself Is?

  1. Lazy
  2. Stubborn
  3. Emotional
  4. Extreme
  5. Naughty
  6. Simple
  7. Rough
  8. Difficult
  9. Childish
  10. Careless

The Most Ideal Person You Want To Be Is?

  1. Demon Hunter
  2. Football Player
  3. A Hero (has power and good at martial arts. Haha!)

For The Person Who Cares and Likes You, Say Something About Them.

Just a song dedicated to them (sape2 la yg sayang aku.. haha!),

McFly – I’ve Got You

I never doubted you at all
The stars collide, will you stand by and watch them fall? (by and watch them fall)
So hold me ’til the sky is clear
And whisper words of love right into my ear
Cause I’ve got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour feels much longer
Yeah when I got you
Oh to make me feel better
When the nights are long they’ll be easier together

10 People to Tag

  1. Ponnie
  2. Salina
  3. Wana
  4. Encik Mael
  5. Jannah
  6. Sufyana
  7. Inche Helmi
  8. Hunny
  9. Faiz Lazim
  10. Tiqah Nasir

Who Is No.2 Having Relationship With?




She’s single and available. Erm.. She’s still budak2 for all I know. Hahaha!

Is No.3 A Female or A Male?




Both. Hahaha.. Nah, she’s a female but have some confused characteristics. Hua9

If No.7 and No.10 Be Together Would It Be A Good Thing?


Inche Helmi

Inche Helmi

Tiqah Nasir

Tiqah Nasir

Hahaha. They’ve already known each others. That might probably be a good thing, who knows. Hahaha!

How About No.5 and 8?






Erm.. A good lesbian couple?? Hmm.. Why not? Both like pink. Hua9

What Is No.1 Studying ?




Hmm… Ponnie has been studying lots, lots, lots and lots of things. Things that you can’t imagine, things that you wouldn’t dream at night. I’m not even sure if Ponnie is a human. She knows and does lots of things.  (illegal stuff included) Haha!

When Was The Last You Have Chat With Them?

Who? Ponnie? Erm, just now. I asked her about how many boxes left, for the annoying packing thing.

Is No.4 A Single?




Encik Mael?? I dunno… Coz I’ve never asked. Hua9

Talk Something About No.2.




(Again??) She’s crazy. She’s bossy. She’s bitchy. She’s pushy. BUT, without these annoying attitudes, I think she’ll be a very boring typical person. So, Sal Bitchy, please don’t change. Keep your crazy, bossy, bitchy and pushy attitude with you forever. (Gosh!!! Do I really mean it???)


6 thoughts on “Tagged Alert! Nenoneno ~~

  1. Mohd Ismail says:

    1. “Erm… Should I give a shit bout that?? I dont really care, actually.” — good!

    2. “The Character For Yourself Is? Simple but Difficult.” Heh. =)

    3. Cenonet’nye gambar. Ha ha.

    4. Dan kenapa soalan tu kuar utk no.4?

  2. emywinchester says:

    1. Haha. Thanks. 🙂
    2. Err.. I dunno if it’s a good thing. Probably not.
    3. Dah puas carik yg besar, x jumpe pong.. Hua9
    4. Erm… yg tu tatau lak.. Mang tetiber soalan die mcm tu.. Haha!

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