Street Beach Picnic


Despite the fact that now I’m afraid of floating and (embarrassing enough) I still can’t swim, it was a really exciting and fun night!!!! It was a girls’ night out, and we chose to have a picnic at the Street Beach (some people called Fake Beach, Man-Made Beach etc), Southbank. Usually on weekends, this place would be full of people, that’s why we chose weekday, so… there would be only us at the beach.

I made beef spaghetti, Ponnie and Eqa cooked bihun goreng (fried noodles), Nurul made sausage sandwiches, Shah, Salina and Jue brought same snacks, soft drink, and chocolate cake. Owh, almost forgot, there was Judy as well, our upstairs neighbour. Hehe…

Shah and Jue didn’t jump into the beach, coz they said it was too cold (so, they considered themselves as ‘makcik kantin’). They took care of the food, so whoever was hungry, could just swim to them and asked for food. Hahaha… The rest of us, (Eqa and Nurul eventually) having a good time floating, and err… drowning each others. 😀

It was really cold that night, but once we were in the water, it wasn’t so cold anymore. Judy asked me to keep on hopping in the water to keep myself warm (we even ate the food in the water to avoid the cold wind. Haha). Nurul and Eqa tried to learn ‘doggy swim’ from Ponnie and Salina tried to teach me ‘froggy swim’. But since I didnt feel confident with Salina teaching me how to do the froggy swim (coz she wasn’t confident with herself either), I moved to Ponnie.

Here, some pictures during the picnic. Actually, we took lots and lots of pictures but since the pictures were… kinda ‘sexy’, so I only posted the descent ones. Hahaha.

Street Beach Scenery 1

Street Beach Scenery 1

Street Beach Scenery 2

Street Beach Scenery 2

Street Beach Scenery 3

Street Beach Scenery 3

With Judy's towel. Haha! Peace Judy!

With Judy's towel. Haha! Peace Judy!

Jue and Shah (the very generous 'makcik kantin')

Jue and Shah (the very generous 'makcik kantin')

-( That explains why we drowned so many times. Haha)

Lifeguard Off Duty.. 😦 That explains why we drowned so many times. Haha)

Salina did ignore this. Haha!

Salina did ignore this. Haha!

The funny thing with Salina last night, she was so parasite. She made Ponnie carrying her at the back most of the time, and after few seconds they floated together, Salina would agressively pulled herself away from Ponnie, coz she thought they were at the shallow area already, only to find out they were not. So, guess what happened? Salina pushed Ponnie down in the water just to keep herself up in the surface, and both struggling to breathe. But in the end, of course both survived. It would be quite an incident if it only happened once, but last night, it happened so many times. I know I shouldn’t say this, but after watching them drowning so many times with the same pattern over and over again, from worried, it changed to funny and hillarious. We laughed first, and after that reaching out our hands to grab Salina (especially) to the shallow area.

Last night at the Street Beach, there so many incidents ‘kawan makan kawan’. Hahaha! Nways, the picnic, i think it was a fun thing to do here in Brisbane before going back to Malaysia, in only few weeks.

Ergh! Speaking about going back, I don’t wanna go back!!!


9 thoughts on “Street Beach Picnic

  1. emywinchester says:

    erm… Street Beach (Pantai Jalanan?? Haha) ni mang pntai buatan…
    pantai dlm park kat sebelah Brisbane River, mang kat tgh2 city..
    dekat je… jln kaki dri umah..
    and it’s free…
    sbb tu extra BEST! haha

  2. salina says:

    i almost bunuh ponie n i dun like d sound of it sbb she will menghantui me. but it was so nice being a koala last night. will do it again.

  3. pnnz says:

    haha…..mmg kawan makan kawan. klu sorg timbul, sorg tenggelam. maklumla, nak id0p!!! ni psl hidup dan mati, kawan pun ditenggelamkan. hehehe…it was hillarious! it was like poni VS. evry1 else!

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