Owh! I Forgot that I’ve Been Tagged!

by Nurul, my princess. Haha!

10 food I Really Long For

kangkung Masak Tumis

Kangkung Masak Tumis

  1. Cucur Udang + Kuah Kacang (Mak buat jugak)
  2. Roti Bakar + Air Milo (Mak buat lagi)
  3. Sotong Masak Kacang (Of course la mak yg buat)
  4. Lempeng Panas Cecah Susu F&N (Lempeng yg mak bancuh and goreng sahaja..)
  5. Sup Daging ‘Gearbox’ (again, mak’s recipe)
  6. Apam Balik yg ayah selalu beli kat Pasar Sabak, petang Jumaat.
  7. Chicken Rice at Chicken Rice Shop!!!! The Kerabu Mangga is so.. ‘SEDAPLICIOUS!’
  8. Hotdog at 1901.
  9. Keropok Lekor
  10. Jusco’s Takoyaki at Midvalley Megamall

10 Stuff I Like To Do

  1. blogging
  2. sleeping and waking up late
  3. watching Supernatural over and over again
  4. watching football games (depens on my availability)
  5. shopping Adidas stuff (depends on my money condition.. huhu)
  6. observing hot+cute guys, and dreaming I can have one of them
  7. hanging out with friends
  8. doing adventurous things (hiking, jungle-trekking, camping, etc)
  9. BBQing with friends..
  10. and very recently, reading novels… Huahuahua…

5 Types of Men I Adore



  1. the one who knows how and when to make jokes
  2. the one who knows what to do and what he’s doing, the one who can lead
  3. the one who can understand and stand me especially when I’m being stubborn.. 😛 , yet at the same time, be able to tell me whenever I was wrong, and help me to be better.
  4. the one who appreciates everything I do
  5. the one who is good at sports, football/ soccer preferably. I love guys with muscle, but not too buffy. Aww!

5 Things I Do When Feeling Down



  1. sleeping
  2. going out, alone
  3. listening to music, alone
  4. watching TV, alone
  5. crying…? (sometimes, when things are too bad)

Basically, when I’m feeling down, just leave me alone. But sometimes in special cases, little company would make me feel better.

5 Things To Do When I’m Happy



  1. non stop talking (of course)
  2. singing or humming songs
  3. laughing, really OUT LOUD
  4. making stupid jokes with my stupid crazy friends
  5. being extra tolerate to other people

10 Ways To Win My Heart

Gambar Hiasan, Bella and Edward from Twilight

Bella and Edward from Twilight

  1. be matured, but charming childishness could be cute sometimes. (But, dont do it too often, otherwise the ‘charming’ will slowly become ‘annoying’. And that will make me wondering if he’s the most retarded person in the world.
  2. always SMILE!!!! Comon! You wont lose a penny by smiling.
  3. appearance – dont have to be so stylish, but must neat and tidy. And smell good!
  4. NON SMOKER!!!!!
  5. dont have to always agree with what I say. Fight for your own opinions and principles if you have to. A lil bit of dramas are needed sometimes to spice things up. In such way, life won’t be so boring.
  6. DO NOT ever compare me to other girls. Accept me for who I am.
  7. good at kitchen!!! I happen to think that men who are good at cooking are SEXY!
  8. surprise me, coz I love surprises!!
  9. DO NOT underestimate me.
  10. it’s a bonus if you’re good with guitar… Hehehe! Just fake a few chords, that would be cool enough with me.

(it seems like I’m so choosy, but hey, this thing asked for 10. Si, i gave 10.)

5 Junkfood I Enjoy

yummy cadbury!

yummy cadbury!

  1. chocolates, any kind.
  2. pop corn
  3. cookies
  4. ice-cream
  5. maggie (instant noodles)

5 Things I Wish Could Happen Soonish

Money! Money! Money!

Money! Money! Money!

  1. be RICH!!!!
  2. meeting my men, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, and Jensen Ackles. (Pakcik Jared Padalecki dh jumpe da…. Haha!)
  3. go to Anfield, watch Liverpool’s games…. with my husband… Kehkehkeh..
  4. have car license.. (this is so humiliating that I still dont have one, even though I know how to drive!)
  5. buy my parents a very very very big house which is not very far from mine, so then I can always visit them, have a sleepover at their house, and be near them..

10 Ridicoulous Things I Wish To Do Before I Kick It



  1. walk on a rainbow, jump from stars to stars..
  2. skywalking (literally, I mean..)
  3. adopt anak org putih, supaya besar jdi kacak mcm Jensen Ackles. Mesti sebagai mak, aku sangat bangge klo anak aku kacak mcm Jensen Ackles. Hahahah!
  4. ride on a doplhin
  5. GROW TALLER!!!!!!!!
  6. have the power to stop time (the one that Hiro Nakamura has in Heroes.)
  7. play in LIVERPOOL LADIES team
  8. punch HER in the face, coz i really dont like HER!!!
  9. have a big cat (tiger, lion, cheetah) as my pet…
  10. be born, and start all over again… 😛

10 Songs/ Music That I’m Really Into

Music/ Songs

Music/ Songs

  1. What About Now -Daughtry
  2. Gotta Be Somebody -Nickelback
  3. The Time of Our Lives -Toni Braxton featuring Il Divo
  4. Fall For You -Secondhand Serenade
  5. I’m Yours -Jason Mraz
  6. Time to Pretend -MGMT
  7. Buttercup -The Foundation
  8. What Hurts The Most -Rascal Flatt
  9. Blue Night -Michael Learns to Rock
  10. You and Me -Lifehouse (My Official Future Wedding’s Song)

I’m Tagging (4)

  • Salina
  • Wana
  • Encik Mael
  • Fathiah

10 thoughts on “Owh! I Forgot that I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. william tan says:

    i have two reactions when im reading this:

    1. LAUGH (and like really loud) sorry!!! =D
    2. i wonder if you are trying to attract all the Mr. Hotties out there to come check you out 😛

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