My God, cant believe it!!!!

That was a massive win at Stamford Bridge and of course, I’ve been saying this for million times, and never get tired of it, I’M DAMN PROUD OF MY GREATEST TEAM, LIVERPOOL!!! HELL YEAH!!!

My brother in Malaysia (which also is a Liverpool fan like me) texted me during the game. He couldnt watch because he got work to do, so I updated him with the score, who played, who got yellow, who got sent out and stuff.  When I told him ‘we win’, he texted me with capitalized letters, ‘VIVA LIVERPOOL!’ YEAH!

Here some of the pictures of the game which was voted as the most impressive game for the week! (Barclays Premier League)

Gerrard (left) and Lampard (right)

Gerrard (left) and Lampard (right)

Kuyt (left) and Malouda (right)

Kuyt (left) and Malouda (right)

Terry is led away before he got himself in trouble

Terry is led away before he got himself in trouble

Handshake shared between Carra and that evening's hero, Alonso

Handshake shared between Carra and Alonso

Mikel (right) and Gerrard (left)

Mikel (right) and Gerrard (left)

Keane (right) and Terry (left)

Keane (right) and Terry (left)

The Reds lads celebrated their win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

The Reds lads celebrated their win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

So… Now, we are at the top of EPL ranking, or WHAT????

Go Go Go Reds!!



11 thoughts on “VIVA LIVERPOOL!!!!

  1. william tan says:

    i must say that this is a massive result. anyway im sick of people saying that Liverpool is lucky to win at Stamford Bridge and being top of the table. if you analyse it, Liverpool’s first 9 games ain’t easy ones. you already have Chelsea and Man U and the Everton derby away, as well as Villa and Man City away-two teams that are obviously top picks for 5th place in the league now, and only 4 out of the 9 games are at Anfield. yet Liverpool prevailed them all. whereas Arsenal have so far only played teams like Bolton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Hull, Fulham, West Ham, etc yet they have already lost to Hull and Fulham; and mind you, Arsenal haven’t even played any of the ‘Big 4’ or the likes of Aston Villa or Man City yet.

    and anyway Liverpool drew the game with Stoke because the referee disallowed a perfectly scored goal for God knows why, and although yes they played Everton and Wigan who has 10 men because they had a player sent off for a tackle on Xabi Alonso. first things first, no one asked the Everton or Wigan player to tackle Alonso, so how can you say liverpool is lucky? The Wigan and Everton player brings trouble to themselves only.

    true, we scored against Man u and Chelsea through deflected goals, but these goals are scored because Liverpool put them under pressure, and that leads to all those mistakes by the opposition team that brings about Liverpool’s goals.

    Liverpool have a real chance to win the league this season. but they must keep going and keep winning and stay at the top, or at least near the top until April. if that happens im very sure we will see red celebration at Anfield next May 🙂

  2. emywinchester says:

    u know what my dear willy? just ignore them. that’s what happened to people who are jealous. they are not happy with their team, so they want us to feel bad about our team.
    dun worry about them..
    we focus on our team, next is portsmouth.
    liv always lose points to not-so-big team by sending second team,
    hope they dont waste it this time.
    GO REDS!

  3. william tan says:

    haha Emy, we all know Rafael Benitez is not stupid. he knows that it is just 9 games and he will make sure the players know that. yup Portsmouth next and they must try to get another 3 points. as for Man U and Chelsea…well we know they will definitely come back with the quality they have, but the fact that Liverpool have taken points off them and staying ahead or anywhere near them is a good start. they have given themselves a REAL chance. we all know it’s important not to play catch-up otherwise it will be real difficult because the top teams will keep winning, so Liverpool must stay ahead as long as possible.

  4. emywinchester says:

    to encik paih;
    “aiks…. bukan MU fan ke..??? comment2 yg b4 ni mcm indicate diri as a MU fan je…”

    to wana;
    “hahaha… try harder okies the blues..?”

    to willy;
    “i know he’s not stupid. tpi besenyer die suke rehatkan key players klo against team2 ayam… pastu, LIV struggle to win against them. sometimes x menang pon, seri je… klh or seri dengan team2 mcm tu yg rugi points…
    bnde ni dri last season lagi.. tu klo u noticed la kan..
    hehhe… i dunno the line-up against Pompey yet, but hope rafa’s sending the 1st team.. it’s important that we keep on leading the league. GO REDS! YNWA!”

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