Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #3

It’s Malaysia-Lah event in Kelvin Grove Campus, QUT

These are among the pictures taken during the event. There were Malaysian food sold such as Nasi Lemak, Bihun Tomyam, Kuih Bom, Apam Balik and etc. And lots of performances too..

-credit to badak for the pictures-

Last Classes on Monday (Digital Media and Resources bla bla… -Jan’s class-)

We presented our claymation work for Digital Media on that final day. And this is it!

And my picture with my friend Lynn, and Paula.. our assistant lecturer. She helped Shaun conducting classes coz as quoted by Paula, Shaun was on his ‘dream job’, in Europe. Huh!

In Jan’s final session, there was one last round of presentation for people who hadn’t presented their work yet, and after that, we had a party!!

Having Fun in New Farm

Actually, we were in New Farm because of our Photomedia assignment, not actually to have fun. Sal wanted to take pictures of Ida dancing on the stage, near Brisbane Powerhouse. The place where there was a Pesta Rakyat Indonesia that I went months ago. I just realized it was the same place. Haha! While Sal was busy taking pictures of Ida dancing, I was busy taking pictures of sky. But, didnt know what for. Coz I was still considering few ideas I had, and one of them was the beauty of sky. Hahaha!

And I put them together, Haha!

Before going back to city, or to be exact to Sushi Delight to eat more and more takoyaki, we took some happy pictures at the New Farm Park.

Here’s the Takoyaki that we are all crazy about!!

The Sushi Delight people have already known us well. They dont have to ask what we want to order, instead they just come to our table, smile and ask, “How many this time?” There was one time they didnt have to come to our table. We just used signal language. Sometimes I feel so embarrassed even though I know I shouldnt.

Being Lucky and Suddenly Having Bad Luck All Week!

Yes! This really made me nearly killing myself. First, it was all good for couple days. I always managed to catch a bus, never missed it even though I was late. And, everything that I planned, fell into their places. And I was very happy about it! But, 2 days after that, it was a turning point. I started missing buses, missed that, missed this, forgot that, forgot this. Okay. I always missed buses before, but not after we (Sal and I) have waited for hours, then just after we decided to take CityFerry and started walking to the ferry terminal, the bus came. And of course we couldnt get on the bus because we’ve already left the bus stop far behind. Even if we ran, we would still miss it. I was speechless. Sal couldnt stop laughing, thinking how ‘bad luck’ we were..

Then, my Baby buat hal. Ngan external (which I named him, Andy Winchester) skali pulak tu.. Assignment dhla blom siap. Esoknyer nk anta. But, since I was so sick and tired dealing with all the shit for days, all the bad luck, I just slept. I just didnt wanna think! That was gonna be tomorrow’s problem.

Long story short, I managed to fix my Baby and my Andy by myself.. Message to my Baby and my Andy, ‘You both really got me. I appreciate the tricks you both did, but plz… Just… Plz… Dont do it again… Coz it makes me scared.. Okay?

Trip to St Helena (The Ghost Trip)

This evening, me and my friends are going to St Helena from Brett’s Wharf. This trip is organized and sponsored by QUT, Education Department as a sort of ‘gift’ before we go back to Malaysia the end of this November.

So, can’t wait!!


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