Dean Winchester’s Room -DM Project

I went to St Lucia (Lynn’s house) with Didie this evening to finish our claymation project for Digital Media unit. I could say it’s 50% finish, and I’m very glad about the work that has been produced today!

The story is about a boy named Dean Winchester (Duh! Of course I suggested that name! Haha!) who loves eating junk food, instead of fruits and vegetables. Until one day, he dreams that his body explodes from getting too fat, then he realizes the importance of practising healthy lifestyle. (Typical!!) But, who cares. So, the first thing to do before filming this, we have to create the set!

So.. Ta-da!! Presenting, Dean’s room!

See?? Dean loves Liverpool and Stevie G! Just like me! Haha!

I love the bed!

This is Dean, the leading character for our claymation project.

I enjoyed making Dean’s laptop from the clay, pasting the pictures (frames) on Dean’s wall, making Dean’s desk from ‘lebihan2 kotak’, while Didie was working on the bed and pillows, and also books using boxes and tissues, the curtains from the apron that she found at her garage (the curtains look very cool!), and Lynn was busy making the chair from woolies cotton buds box, and the vase which actually made Dean’s room looks very girlish. Haha! Never mind, Dean loves those colours.

Me and Didie, with our project. Lynn is also in our group, but she refused to be in the pic. Haha!

You can look at the whole claymation video, here. Enjoy! 🙂


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