The Eight Special Girls…

The Eight Special Girls,

  • Who were always in troubles at school,
  • Who always got a ‘pompuan tatau malu (shameless girls)’ look from the boys,
  • Who were always loud, (I believe they still are!)
  • Who rarely went to surau for sembahyang jemaah, and made their own dorm as their surau,
  • Who always peeped into boys’ hostel for no reason,
  • Who always asked the junior girls to treat them some lollies, ice-creams, cokes, etc
  • Who always criticized wardens and their slaves (the excos) for their deep interest in doing spotcheck at hostel,
  • Who always thought the boys at their school were so so LAME and BORING,
  • Who were always bad at singing but insisted to form a nasyid group, just because they didn’t have anything better to do.
  • Who were always ran to one of their friend every Sunday after she came back to hostel, because they knew she always brought lots of food for their friends. (Her mom was a caterer.)
  • Who always gave nicknames to the persons they didn’t like at school including teachers,
  • Who always loved the attention that the got especially when they were conquering and making noise at ‘kolah asrama’.
  • Who always cheated on dresscode spotcheck after school’s assembly by walking out of the hall fast while the prefects (aka the teachers’ slaves) were not ready yet, or skipping through hall’s backdoor.
  • Who at one point, made one of their friend angry because she believed they hid something from her. She was very moody all night at the study room, felt like bitching them to others, only to find out that they were actually planning to throw her a surprise birthday party.
  • Who always skipped study time by sleeping at their dorms, and allowed one of their friend who was the exco (aka wardens’ slaves) to write their names due to the discipline problem that they were committing. Even though they hated excos, but they couldn’t hate her. Because she was one of the special eight.
  • Who fought for their friend from getting her name blacklisted by the wardens, just because she wrote love letter to her senior at school. They even helped her cleaning the bathroom which was her punishment for writing to her senior. They had a good splashing water-festival in the bathroom, anyway. Thanks to you, Mr Warden.
  • Who sometime didn’t talk to each others over stupid things, then they wrote notes to apologize. They couldn’t stand being angry with each others for more than three days.
  • Who always changed presents on Friendship Day. Venue-Study Room. Time-Study Hour. Nice!
  • Who promised to keep in touch with each others after school years, even though new friends might come along.
  • Who promised to be there for their special eight, through thick and thin.

WANA (my superbabeh)


AINA (my honey)


MAS (my cayang)


CAPIRA (my beloved)


RINA (my bucuk)


DOYOT (my darling)


CIKIN (my dear)


EMY (me, the sweetheart)

And they are The Eight Special Girls,

  • Who promised, to stay the same.. ūüôā

“As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together, and as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be FRIENDS FOREVER..”


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