What If I Can Have a….


Yeah guys! What if I can have a tattoo?? Will I have it?

This thought occurred in Jan’s class when my friends were presenting their work infront of the class. I was kinda bored and started looking around, looking at my friends, playing with my pen, make people annoyed. Then, I looked at my left arm and started drawing E letter on it with my black ball-pen that I finished playing with. That’s where the ‘tattoo thought’ came..

I turned to Shah and Nurul who were sitting beside me, asking them if they were interested to have tattoos.

Emy              : Weih, klo la kiter sumer bleh buat tattoo kan, korg raser korg nak buat x?

Nurul            : Nak! (Nurul nodded her head, very confidently)

Shah             : Nak! Nak! Aku nk buat kat cni, kat cni, kat cni… ( Shah showed me where she wants the tattoo to be carved)

Emy              : Kiter pon nak! Kiter nk buat 2. Satu kat cni, satu kat cni.. Eh, nk 3 la. Satu lgi kat ankle. And kiter nak tatoo tu bersambung, so nmpk mcm ankle bracelet la… Haha! Cool!

Shah             : Ha, satu lgi aku nk buat kat cni. (Shah pointed her right eye, near the lid).

Emy              : Eii, sakit r buat kat ctu..

Shah             : Haah, tpi lawa.. Nampk mcm org sedey je.. Mcm menangis…

Emy              : Owh… (Thinking.. “Okay, that’s weird”..)

So, yeah I wanna have tattoos!!

At my back,

at my left shoulder,

and, at my left ankle!

Those are cool tattoos, but I’m pretty sure I wont have an elephant tattoo on my shoulder. Hua9.. So, why do I wanna have tattoos..??? Haha! Comon! If you looked at me, and knew me, you’ll know that I’m kinda a girl who wants to have tattoos. 😀


I dont need you to tell me, but I know that I CAN’T HAVE ANY TATTOO.. And I won’t even argue why I can’t have tattoos. This entry is just for fun… I was just trying to explore the ‘what ifs’ in my head, and that’s about it.

So, if u guys ever read this,

  • Mak and Ayah, which I’m absolutely sure you guys WILL NOT,
  • KakEda or Abg Bob, who are incredibly famous in Abdul Malik’s family for their ‘kaki report attitude’, who tell everything to Mak, no matter how hard they convinced you that they wouldnt,
  • and  all my friends… for whatever reasons are worried about this entry,

just wanna tell you, don’t worry. I won’t have them.

Promise! 🙂

p/s – to KakEda and Abg Bob, don’t make up other stories, okay?


5 thoughts on “What If I Can Have a….

  1. shah says:

    NAK NAK NAK!!! hehe, ape kate kite buat je tatoo…..
    But yg leh ilang tuh… mayb for a day when we can’t pray.. hehe
    Let’s make it come true!!!
    or or or… gune inai… 🙂

  2. waNNa_eXess says:

    ape salahnye buat.
    kwn aku buat depan mate aku.
    saket weh
    tp lawa…
    obviously die non muslim.
    buat yg temp je emy.
    pastu snap.
    camne kan. dah nak sgt.
    aku pon tau ko xkkn buat. hahaha.
    lapar la weh..
    aku bgn2 tdo terus bg ko komen ni.

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