Salam Aidilfitri from Brisbane

This is my second (and sadly last) year celebrating Aidilfitri in Brisbane. There lies the details…

Some Random Pics at Monroe Park.

Actually, I wasn’t here coz I was in somewhere else.. I was in some place very comfy not grassy, very warm not windy, very snuggly and very happy… I was in my room, sleeping.. Haha! Too early in the morning, I couldn’t open my eyes for more than 2 seconds. And I’m not exaggerating.

So, these are the pictures of my friends, having a good time watching others performing ‘Sembahyang Raya’. Hahahahahaha! at Monroe Park.


1st Raya. (Princhester House) The Host – Akran, Alan, Awan Besaq, Ayie, Eim, Sue, Fat featuring Ida from unilodge.

I woke up around 11am, and had a shower, ironed my baju kurung very excitedly, only  to find out that I was going to be wearing the same colour with Eqa, and of course, that was the last thing I would expect to happen. Erm, never mind! Then, the three of us, Eqa who was The Mak Datin with her Burberry sunnies, Ponnie who was The Makcik with her red bju kurung, and me who was The Remaja with of course, my teenage attitude (haha!) walked to Princhester House!! And we stayed there till late, watching Hindustan movies and dancing to the songs, straightening our hairs, playing bunga api, having fun until we got tired and realized it was time to rest and go home. Hahahaha! Poyo sungguh ayat itu.

Di hari raya, all watching Futurama.. 😛

Ida is flirting with Alan. Hua9

From left- Nurul, Akran, Shah, Ponnie, Emy

With Jan Harvey, our beloved academic tutor.

Gadis2 TESL -as quoted by Sue’s male friend, “aku suka budak2 TESL, brainy and HOT!” Thanks Sue’s friend, whoever you are, I LOVE YOU!

2nd RAYA – VICTORIA HOUSE (my house!!!) The Host – Emy, Ponnie, Nurul, Eqa featuring Jue and Salina from Kangaroo Point, Shah from unilodge.

It was soooooooooo leceh to prepare for this event!! I made Ayam Masak Kacang, and people were soo weirded out by it because they’ve never heard of it, and I was soo weirded out by them, for the same reason. I dunno… I think that’s very normal in my place. Have you ever heard of it, Ayam Masak Kacang? Hm.. Besides that so-called weird dish, I made Kuih Batik as well, (Ponnie was pissed off coz I put some blended nuts in it. She hates nuts! Haha!)

They all stayed till almost 10pm. That was so fun, we took pictures, watched movies (Poltergeist and Hindustan Movie, Om Shanti Om), updated ourselves with hot-never ending gosspis, then cooked some more, danced, played bunga api.. bla bla bla! FUN! FUN! FUN! You know, raya with friends (without family) is not so bad after all.

Victorians, with their guests

Me with the most demanding gurl, eva, Salina!

Me with Ida.. ( I know, I know! I look so gedix in this pic!)

Bday Gurls!! Jue and Aiming!

Before (above) maen bunga api, and after (below) maen bunga api.. BEST!!!

Even though I had real fun celebrating raya with my friends, deep down I actually miss my family. I hope they had a good raya too… 🙂

I miss you Ayah, Mak, KakEda, KakNomie, Abg Bob, Wawa, Mila, AbgMan, AbgNgah, KakSeha.. and my cutey lil chipmunks, Kaklong, KakNgah, Yas, Ean, Athira, Anas, Apiq, Sufi, Aneeq and last but not least, Danish!!

Salam Aidilfitri from Mimi aka CikImy, Brisbane.


9 thoughts on “Salam Aidilfitri from Brisbane

  1. emywinchester says:

    it’s not rendang la encik william…
    it’s ayam masak kacang la.. haha! nvm, i know you’ve never heard of it.. just like the others! haha

    sal, i think u find this the best entry coz gmbar u byk dlm ni.. haha!
    the demanding part? owh, maybe i should’ve written like this,
    “me, with the most fragile gurl eva, Salina..”

    *rmmber what happened in my room, when i yelled at you to hang your bju kurung properly??” that was so funny!

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