Raya Parcel (Thanks, mak!)

Yeah! Finally, I got my ‘raya parcel’!!

Actually, I was supposed to collect the parcel at the post office a week ago since I missed the delivery last Monday. Thank God, they haven’t posted it back to Malaysia yet, (coz they only keep the parcel for 7 days), otherwise my mak would be very-very emo! Haha! So, today I ‘gagahkan diri’ went to the post office. My monthly ticket was expired last two days, and I didn’t wanna buy single ticket just to the post office, so… I walked. I thought it would take half an hour walking from my house to the post office, but it was less than 15 minutes! Either the post office is actually not too far from my house, or I’m a fast walker. Or I dont know how to calculate distance. Or my watch’s busted.

Anyways, mak sent me kuih raya mama kerry, ketupat segera, mee ruski ayam, bju raya, tdg raya and kerongsang raya!



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