How to Make ‘Emy’?


Today, even though I skipped Digital Media lecture, I still felt extra tired compared to other last Mondays. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, just managed to sleep for 2 hours. The rest? Editing slideshow, adding points to my script for the presentation that is supposed to be presented today, but due to some problems, we have to postpone our presentation until this coming Wednesday afternoon.

Today, in Jan’s class, we have to describe ourselves as a weather, news report, a recipe and etc. And dengan xder ideanyer, I came up with this, ‘Emy as a recipe – HOW TO MAKE EMY?’

“We’re running out of Emy. Let’s make some!

First, we need a big container of ‘sweetness’, a cup of ‘aggressiveness’ and a jug of ‘humour’. We also need two tablespoon of ‘anger’ to make it a bit spicy. To make Emy look more beautiful and taste delicious, you need to squeeze a ‘coolness’ on it. Stir all ingredients together. And finally for decoration, you can sprinkle a pinch of ‘beauty’ on top of it.

It’s merepek. And it’s kes perasan. I know. But I couldn’t come up with better ideas since I was very sleepy in that class. Hu… whatever.

We also did ‘Choral Singing’ (Battle of the Choir sort of, the one in Channel 7) using this nursery rhyme, “ITSY BITSY SPIDER”. Haha! For those who are wondering why did we sing in class, I gotta tell you, that’s what Jan’s class is. There’s a lot of singing, dancing, acting, games, stories and stuff. She actually teaches us not to be old-fashion teachers who just sit and talk infront of the class which is BOOOORING!, but to be more like her. FUN! Speaking of which, few weeks ago, I bought nursery rhymes book, ‘Three Little Kitten’ that consists of 92 nursery songs. I want to collect them as many as I can for class purpose in future. Even it’s not for them, it’s for me. I love those children songs! (It sounds ‘poyo’, but I dont care. It’s my blog. I can write whatever I want.) Hua9

Tibe2 raser mcm nk malukan Sal. So, I uploaded these two pics which are entitled, ‘Beauty Is Pain 1’, and ‘Beauty Is Pain 2’. The model, of course the one and only, Salina Bitch. Hahaha!

Kaki Sal sakit, melecet. Sbb pki kasut baru yg cantik. Die give up, die kaki ayam kat King Goerge Square and kat Queen St. (Haha, it rhymes!) 😛

Sal, u tak bleh marah. I dh lame ckp nk letak pics u kat blog i kan.. Haha! 😀


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