Just woke-up (11.35am)

Actually, I was awake at 8 when the bloody alarm went off, but I felt like sleeping for some more hours. It was just too early, even though I was the one who set the alarm at 8 last night.

Still not getting out of the bed, I continued reading P.S I Love You…. As far as I know, I think I like it. ūüôā

Turned ‘My Baby’ on (mcm lucah lak ayat ni, haha!), checked emails, news headlines and of course… blogging (that’s what I’m doing right now).

After this, I’m gonna make my bed, hop into shower, and watch some more Heroes episodes, just to finish it all. Owh yeah, forgot to mention that last night, I watched 1st episode, Supernatural Season 4, ‘Lazarus Rising’ in Ponnie’s room. So, two words to describe it, Weird and Awkward. Hua9… But still love the series!

Know what, actually right now I should be working on my script for my next week’s presentation!



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