The 5 Things


-Went to work at Maeve’s house.

-Bought 2 books today, one for now, one for the future. Haha!

This is for now...

This is for now...

P.S. I Love You – I dont really read this kinda book (I dont even think of wanting to read this kinda book, actually!), and I also haven’t watched the movie yet even though dah lame gel movie die kuar, but since Sal really2 suggested me to, since Sal kept saying that the book is everyone’s favourite, and bla bla bla… so, I just bought it.

This is for the future!

This is for the future!

Disney Ultimate Treasury – This book can be used for my students when I become a teacher. There are 75 Disney stories like Pinocchio, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White and etc. Kids like Disney stuff, dont they? ( I STILL DO!!) So, it’ll be good to use this kinda material in class. Wahh.. gitu!

Not forgotten, the phrase ‘for the future’ also refers to my future kids! Bak kate Sal, “klo u bukan beli ntok student u pon, u bleh beli ntok anak u nnti. kasi die baca.” Haha! Agree!

-Went to Photomedia tutorial. Anyway, took a wrong bus (Sal’s fault! Nk gi KG je, tpi smpi ke Redhill! ) so, we were like 45-minute late.

-Bukak puasa kat Nandos with Sal. Pastu Ida datang, ‘join the venture!’

-Practiced Chinese Dance for It’s Malaysia-Lah event, choreographed by Ponnie, and a lil bit help by Nurul. I recorded it, but dun wanna put it here cause it is so……….. FUGLY!!!! Not the the choreography, but the way I danced. Hahahahah!


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