Is That Him??!!! OMG!!

Guess what???

When I was at the city with Nurul, I saw him!!

Him who???


The winner of So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season 1 2008 (SYTYCD) !!!

I was heading to Myer, to buy EasyWay Swiss Chocolate Shake after work(as usual). When we were walking by General Pants CO at Albert St, I accidentally looked inside the boutique, and…

Emy   : Eh, is that……. Jack??

Nurul : Mane??

Emy   : Tu… That is Jack kan???

Nurul : Haah la!!

We stopped walking. Shocked! Excited! Stunned! We looked at each other.

Emy   : Seriously, itu dier!! Shit! O My God!

He is so COMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he didn’t see us staring at him coz he was busy looking at tshirts and jackets in that boutique. Kitorg tak tgkp gmbar pon ngn dier sbb malu giler. Lgpon, kwn dier mcm nmpk je kitorg ushar2 Jack dri luar. Haha! He seemed like he did shave his long sideburns which I think was his trademark when he was in SYTYCD. He looked cuter compared to then, I think! Hua9

Jack-in SYTYCD Brisbane Tour

Jack-in SYTYCD Brisbane Tour

Anyway, Sal is sooo JEALOUS right now sbb bukan dier yg jumper wpun Jack tu kunun2 ‘boifren’ dier!! Haha! 😀


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