Ponnie showed me this Supernatural Gag Reel Season 3.

And guess what??

That was one hell of a hillarious gag reel!!! Hahaha! Bodo btol la Jared and Jensen ni! Asek maen2 je time berlakon!

My personal fav,

  • “Let them all in, and we fight, like men in tights..” Jensen faked the line, then hugged Jared.
  • ‘Whose shot is it anyway’ part. Jared was being really2 stupid!! Haha!
  • Jensen sang and danced with Jared in the cemetery.
  • “I’ve got a line u moron!” Jensen said to Jared in Bad Day at the Black Rock episode.

Seriously, I’m dying laughing!

Anyway, Supernatural season 4 will be aired in US on this coming 18th September. These are some of the pictures from Supernatural Season 4 Premier entitled, ‘Lazarus Rising’. Spoiler Alert! Nenonenoneno!

Dean (Jensen) hot giler! I'm melting!

Dean (Jensen) hot giler! I

They still have Impala, and Dean is still the one who conquers driver’s seat. Something never change.

Haih.. Sometime I just can’t believe I have met this Supernatural Cutey, Jared Padalecki ‘Sam Winchester’.. In fact, I still wonder how it happened! Even though I love+like Jensen ‘Dean Winchester’ more (obviously, Jensen’s way hotter!), but Jared have made me crazy enough!

Arghh!! Supernatural!! Cepat la kua!! Can’t wait!!!


6 thoughts on “Laughing.Out.Loud!!

  1. Syd says:

    Salam and hi there!
    Oh wow- YOU MET SAMMIE?????? Where was that? When was that? You met him that upclose! Ohh- you are such a lucky girl! Jealous gak… omo..

    Btw- I stumbled upon ur site while looking for the boys’ pictures by the way – I am a SN fan too but not that avid! 🙂

    • emywinchester says:

      owh yeah.. that was when i studied in australia. i went to supanova convention (sydney, june 2008) where jared was invited there to do promote supernatural series in australia. he actually came to replace hayden’s place, but he was awesome throughout the event.

      i flew from brisbane just to see him in sydney. i paid a lot too. but it’s worth it coz he was soooo friendly with fans. i also got his autograph. we even chatted a lil during photo and autograph session.


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