Exhausted Me..

Let me list things that I did today,

-9.00am Woke up

-9.35am Went to Photomedia lecture

-11.10am Walked down to Z block to edit pictures for Photomedia assignmnet

-12.30pm Walked back to library to meet Lynn and Maya for group discussion

-2.50pm Went to the city to buy sushi and EasyWay Swiss Chocolate Shake for ‘bukak pose’

-3.15pm Forgot Nurul’s strepsils, dropped by at 7E West End

-3.20pm Walked home from Jane St sbb mls tgu bas

-3.30pm Bought dozen of egg at Kedai Vietnam, otw home

-3.45pm Took a 30 minute-nap

-4.45pm Prepared for ‘bukak pose’. Lauk pemalas, which was

  • Frozen veggies yg direndam dlm air pns. Tossed, and put salt and black-pepper.
  • ‘Microwaved’ egg
  • Grilled beef (tabur garam+black pepper atas daging, campak atas grill)
  • Additional meal, Tempura and Tuna Sushi & EasyWay Swiss Chocolate Shake

-5.32pm BUKAK POSE!

-7.00pm Checked emails, read football and after-Olympic news (aussie swimmer, eamon adelah COMEL sgt, owhkay?!)

-8.00pm Tried to update my contribution in Wiki+MDB397 (keyword -> TRIED!)

-8.30pm Tgk2 assignment Jan.. (keyword -> TGK2!)

Now… Am updating blog…

After this,

– Watch one episode of Supernatural before sleeping

– SLEEP!!!!!!!!!


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