Ape2 Je Lar… (Broken Malay!)

I did not really watch Beijing 2008 even though I really wanted to, due to some problems that I could not avoid, but I did read the news and articles, watched some videos on Youtube, especially when it involved Australian athletes. Ermm… London 2012, next stop for Olympic game. World, be ready!

I went bowling today at Strike Bowling Bar, Winter Garden. That was actually Bowling Competition organized by MYSA QUT and I played even though I know I’m suck at it. Nurul, Ponnie, Eqa, Shah and me, we shared the same lane. Hey, did I mention that I’m suck at bowling? Owh yeah, I did. And did I mention even though I’m suck, but I still managed to win the first round? Haha!

M = Mimie =ME!

Dunno whose idea was it. Mimie?? Huh! X cool langsung! 😛

And here are some pictures at Strike Bowling Bar….

ayie champion!

ayie champion!

ponnie no. last!

ponnie no. last!

We played some more rounds after that, but I didn’t stay longer. Coz I had to meet Sal in State Library due to our Photomedia assignment yg still hancur. Plus, someone’s presence in that place really made me SICK!!! Erghh… GEDIK!

Anyway, when I was on my way to meet Sal, I accidentally bumped into this,

and this,

Then, time kat Southbank ngn Sal, nmpk ni pulak…

Hahaha.. Ape2 je la arie ni…


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