3 Places that I Want to Go, THE MOST!

Know what?

3 places on Earth, that I’m dying to go to,


Yeah.. Dubai.. I mean, why not Dubai? Roger Federer loves this place. He thinks Dubai is one of his favourite places in the world. And, my Steven Gerrard went to Dubai with his wife for honeymoon! These two sports celebrities who I adore very much, really give big influence on my wanting to go to Dubai!


Yes, you’re right! I want to go here, because Michael Owen had spent a season of his ‘roller-coaster’ football career in this stadium. Apart from that, this is one of the best stadiums in Europe and by being here, I think it will worth every penny. Bear in mind, not few famous footballers had ever played here. Zidane was here, Ronaldo was here, Beckham was here, and for me, hell Owen was here. That gives me enough reasons to put Madrid in my ‘To-Go’ list! As one of the Top 3! And.. Did I mention that Rafael Benitez is also from Madrid??!

And I don’t care if many of my friends have already stepped on Madrid ground. I mean, we have different reasons, don’t we? They just wanted to travel, to see new places, and to make a complete Europe trip, me..? I have different kind of passion for this place. 🙂

And of course, as many have expected,


Isn’t it obvious? I’m a true Liverpool’s fan! I’ve been wanting to visit this stadium more than I could tell. It’s beyond words. Watching the games live from the stadium (it would mean so much to me if I could watch Manchester United got beaten by Liverpool in this stadium!), hailing the Reds players everytime they run with the ball, cheering, screaming when the Reds score, cursing the opponent team, jumping and singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ song with the rest of the Kop.. You know, just be part of the game.

It would be awesome!

It would be priceless!

God, I think I might cry on that day..


4 thoughts on “3 Places that I Want to Go, THE MOST!

  1. william tan says:

    OMG Emy! wicked nice blog! keep it up! 🙂

    P/S – Don’t worry i will bring you back photos of Anfield when we meet up back in IPBA next year =P

  2. emywinchester says:

    william!!!!!!! nice to see you here!!!!!!!

    p/s – BRING ME BACK PHOTOS OF ANFILED? U BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise, i will kill you!

    p/s/s – owh, dont forget the Liverpool scarf!!

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