Fire Detector and Books


Went to Kelvin Grove, then worked, after that went to the city to buy EasyWay Swiss Chocolate Shake (my new fav), then went back home.

Before we were off to work, something happened. Nurul and I were at the kitchen, suddenly the fire detector at our house crazily went off. Like really loud and not to mention, VERY ANNOYING! We looked at each other, and started running to our own rooms to check whether there was smoke or anything that triggered the detector. But of course no, everything was fine. Hmm, long story short, the smoke was actually from upstairs. Three Korean girls (our new neighbours) were cooking something and I dont know how it happened, but after 3 minutes of bearing with the annoying sound of the detector, the girls managed to switch it off. Actually, I dont really know them since they just moved in, this semester replacing Aziz and Filip who were already back home to Germany and Sweden. And I have never talked to them until today. In fact, that was my first time seeing them. Heh, what a hello.

And, today I just finished reading ‘The Straight Road to Kylie’ that I bought last month… Last month? Yeah right, if I’m not mistaken. The book was kinda boring actually but I forced myself to finish it, so then I won’t feel regret buying it at the first place. Haha. Why is it boring? Maybe, because before that, I just finished reading ‘Hacking Harvard’ which I think much much cooler than ‘TSRTK’. Hey, what is it with this reading habits of mine anyway? Haha. You might be wondering, but actually I’m trying to inculcate my interest in reading. It sounds YUCKY since I’m not much of a reader, but yeah.. I’m trying to be. Thanks to Nurul since she’s the one who’s responsible for this new ‘skema’ habit. I mean, she bought me ‘MICHAEL OWEN, MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY’ book (I always love Mikey O!) for my 21st birthday which I took almost three months to finish reading it (hey, mind u! I’m not a professional reader!). And since then, I figured that focusing your attention to one thing for hours is not that hard, and not that annoying.. Err, okay. That’s bullshit. Actually, it still is… Sometimes… Haha, but it depends on what you’re reading of course, and to me, it depends on my mood too. Obviously.

Well, running outta words. So…




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