It’s Malaysia-Lah!!!


Wanna show you couple pictures that I took during Photomedia workshop today. There were lots of mini-houses, small figurines like tigers, babies, old men, and also fake fruits and vegetables at the studio. This week is our final week of doing ‘Still Image’ photo. I set up my station with the camera and tripod, set the lighting, and grabbed the mini-house and the small figurines, and did whatever I could with those tiny things. After taking the pictures, I did some editing using Photoshop, but for some reason, to me, it gets uglier.

The second one (the baby with the tiger), is titled ‘The Guardian’. Hmm..? What do you think? Haha! I don’t know, just judge them yourself.

After the workshop, I have been dragged to come to AMPACQ meeting by Salina, the very ambitious vice of the club. I’m not the committee or anything, just menyibuk ntok memeriahkan lgi meeting tu jer. Hua9.

The Poyo President, Hadi.

The Gedik+Ambitious Salina (vice yg garang!)

AMPACQ meeting at Gardens Point Campus

The Offtask Winchesters

They were discusng about ‘It’s Malaysia-Lah!” event where we’ll be promoting Malaysian culture, foods, traditional clothes and stuff at our campus, Kelvin Grove. There will be dance performance (as usual), Silat performance and bla bla bla.. I wasn’t really paying attention to this meeting, because….. I was busy ‘mengushar’ this Mamat French yg agak comel who was sitting behind me. Haha!



4 thoughts on “It’s Malaysia-Lah!!!

  1. emywinchester says:

    x sume org bleh buat.. org ade mata hebat+tajam je bleh… ahahah!
    owh, byk noise ek.. so…. ape nk buat bile byk noise??

    -dslr?? wah… mcm la byk sgt duit saya nk beli dslr.. haha!-

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