Still at Computer Lab..

I just got back from work. I’m not supposed to be too tired because it was only 2 hour-work, but yeah i kinda feel really weak right now. I’m at compter lab anyway, secretly bringing ‘EasyWay Chocolate Milk Tea’ into here. Haha.

Actually, I have one assignment to be submitted next week. And as usual, at time like this when everybody (not that I know of, coz everybody around me still tak buat lgi) is busy finishing their conclusion of the assignment, I still haven’t started any yet. Hua9

Enough with that. Menyampah+meluat+nk muntah biler pikir psl assignment.

This is the picture that we took for ‘Salam Perantau’ for this year. That day, few of us accidentally wearing the same baju kurung with the same colour (purple). Nice!

Did I mention that Nurul, Sal and I went to Pesta Rakyat Indonesia at New Farm last weekend, a day after EKKA? Despite the fact that the foods were really expensive there, we had a lot of fun. Actually, I spent more money than I should this week. And as a result, this week proudly I declare “I’m broke!”

Hm… Better start thinking about the assignment now (i’m throwin-up!).

Okies, gtg! Cheers ~


2 thoughts on “Still at Computer Lab..

  1. Mohd Ismail says:

    Pesta Rakyat Indonesia?

    Kat Malaysia baru je abes Pesta Malam Indonesia.. tp bukan culture la, konsert ade sheila on 7, ungu, slank bagai.. =)

    *rakyat Indonesia ade plan dominasi dunia.. ha ha*

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