I’m Not ‘Minah Bunga’

These are among the photos that I took in Roma Parkland,

I’m not ‘Minah Bunga’, but I took all these pictures to get used to DSLr for my Photomedia unit. Plus, all these pictures are especially dedicated to my mom, who really is ‘Minah Bunga’. Haha.

And this is ‘Story Bridge Scenery’ that I took at night with Syefah and Sal.

So… What do you think? Haha. I know, so many flaws on the pictures. What can I say.. I’m still learning.

Okay. Enough with the pictures. I’m in computer lab right now, uploading all these. It’s not that I don’t have internet at home but, overusing the Internet quota again so that I can waste another maybe $200? No. Could not risk it.

I had Photomedia lecture just now. Haha. As I said in my previous post, that was my first time attending the lecture. Hmm, I give 5 out of 10. It was kinda boring because the lecturer is boring, but some of the pictures that she showed, they were kinda cool.

Okies. Cheers ~


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