The Game of ‘Main Kutu’. Hua9..


Usually Monday is a very busy and hectic day for this semester. I have class since 8.30am, until 11am. Then, class with Jan from 2pm until 5pm. Then, class with Shaun comel from 6pm until 9pm. But today, I didn’t really feel tired except for Jo’s class since we had to recall back our discussion last week with Chinese teachers about curriculum and stuff. That was really mentally tiring for me since I could not remember much. Hua9…

In Jan’s class, we played alot. I think all we did today in her class was playing. Owh yeah. We also did lots of acting. I felt like attending drama class or something like that. Some of the games were kind of silly, but it was fun. ‘Pussy Wants a Chair’, that’s my personal favourite. It’s kinda same with ‘Rebut Kerusi’, but this is more exciting. Maybe because of the name. Haha.

In Shaun’s class, we learnt how to make animation, claymation and bla bla… Learnt about ‘Blue Screen’, and listened to thousands advantages of using Mac, and millions of disadvantages of using Microsoft Windows. Shaun is really a Mac Freak. Hua9.



After class, we went to Nandos at the city. Did some gossiping ( as usual), then went straight home afterwards.

Owh yeah. Today we (Jue, Ponnie, Sal, Eqa and me) took a picture for ‘Salam Perantauan’. Ramadhan is nearing, perhaps this 1st September we’ll be fasting. This would be our second and last Ramadhan here, so gotta make it count! And also today, we started our ‘Kutu Group’. Haha. I could not recall how did we come up with the idea of ‘main duit kutu’. I think Jue started it, but i don’t remember what led her to that.

Tomorrow, I’ll have Photomedia lecture. Am not thinking of skipping it this time. Since I’ve never, never attended this lecture, so this would be my first time. And this is week 5. Yeah, I skipped the lecture like 4 times already. Haha. But I did go to the tutorials, okay. (It’s not that bad, is it?)


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