These past few days, I hardly sleep properly. 2 nights ago, I slept at 2.30 and got up at 5.30. Usually, when I sleep that late, I would take a nap when I get home in the afternoon, but since I was swarmed with my errands, filings, reports to do, I had to kiss my nap goodbye. But I thought that was okay because I was planning to get everything done before midnight and I could sleep early. Fortunately, that plan was interrupted by hub’s request, who wanted me to accompany him meeting his friend. His friend was actually fixing a secondhand bike that hubs got for me, so I thought, okay, at least I get to see the bike. But I didn’t, as long as I got into the car, I almost immediately dozed off. I was only awake when we arrived at hub’s favourite Roti Canai stall for our dinner, which was after he met his friend and after he stopped by at his mother’s house, which is my mom in law and I haven’t seen her for quite some time now! I was so fast asleep that I didnt realize any of it, at all.

I was sooo freaking sleepy that I managed to steal a few minutes sleeping at the stall, by putting my head on the table before the waiter sent me my Iced Neslo. That caffein in that drink helped me to open my eyes a lil bit. I remember telling my hubs that I couldnt wait to finish my meal, get home, get under the duvet and SLEEP! However, as soon as we got home after the meal, I rushed to the toilet because of a sudden stomachache that I felt on the way home. Of course, after all that pain and some caffein left over in my system, I was wide awake! I cancelled my plan on sleeping early, instead I got my Macky and started working on my reports, minit mesyuarat, paperwork and lesson plans. Then, only I realized it was already 2.30 a.m.! OH FREAKING NO! I quickly got up and got ready for bed (brushing my teeth, washing my face and all).

When the lights went out, I was already on the bed lying comfortably, I suddenly felt my head was slowly spinning… It wasnt hurt, but I felt like passing out. Probably my mind and my body was so tired and lacked of rest, because in those 48 hours, I’d only been sleeping for less than 8 hours. Less than 4 hours for each night. This morning, when I woke up, I swore to myself that as soon as I get home, bed is going to be my first stop and I’m going to take my nap like a king on it.I purposely didnt make my bed today, because I wanna crash it as soon as I’m home, which right now will be in 15 minutes.


Thank God I aint driving today…..

When You Accidentally Call Someone…


The panic that isn’t like any other panic. While you’re shouting “End call end call end call end call end call end call end call!!!”, your fingers just can’t stop stabbing and killing the phone screen, hard and brutal. When it’s over, you just stare at the screen, cursing yourself in any swearing language you know.


Worse, if it’s a WhatsApp call. Because even if the call isn’t connected yet, even when it’s still reaching the other end and you manage to make it stop, well guess what? The other end KNOWS! The second, no. The millisecond you press the WhatsApp call button, the other end knows even when it’s still dialling! It’s there in their call history. What is this?? What is this, WhatsApp people??? You ruin my life! Arrgghhh!!!

Do you ever understand how big deal your miscall is to someone you’re avoiding, even if it’s just accidental? Do you know how much it does to their ego? Or our ego, for that matter?


Anyway, the damage is done.
Now, can I dig a hole and die in there before that person sees my accidental stupid miscall?


How Do You Forget People?

I just found this article when I was actually looking for something else. I can totally relate this to myself because at the current moment, yes, there are some people that I really really want to forget and have them out of my system.

  1. Make a relationship log.
    1. Talk about it as honest as you can as why it didn’t work out, were you happy with them, did they make you comfortable? The more honest you are about this is the better.
  2. Look for relationship patterns………………….


You know what?

I’m too lazy to do this right now, writing the gist of it here in my blog. I’m just gonna read that article and make sense of it. You can read it too. Here’s the link.

Nikki Winchester


One of my favourite time blogging is usually when I own something new. Hehehe.. If you guys follow my Instagram account, you’d have known that I own an Apple Watch 2 now. It’s like a self-treat because I survive my first semester (not yet actually, still have 2 more assignments and one exam to go but you know, almost there).

Apple watch in general is something you should consider as ‘100% completely freaking unnecessary but completely 100% freaking AWESOME. That’s all I can say. I was torn apart at first. With that price, I could  totally buy 3 more Bonia handbags, an MK handbag maybe, make-up stuff from Sephora, more Jovians, more baju kerja, more shoes… A LOT! Plus, I already have a watch (my pink G-shock) so I didn’t think another watch (at that price) was necessary. I was making a lot of sense kan.. But, I didn’t know how could I come up with ‘Okay lahhh, I’ll take that one’ to the salesman. ‘Arrghhhh… Am I really doing this? It’s so expensive. Okay, I still haven’t paid, not too late to cancel.’  But I just stood there, saying nothing. I only realised what was happening when the cashier gave me an exchange of RM1 of the amount paid for the apple watch. I FREAKING BOUGHT IT, WHYYYYYY! But you know, all the guilts and regret and torn-apart feeling faded away as soon as the salesman started unboxing the box. Owh…. Such beauty!! I’m never regretting this!

No more guilts! Nervoussss

No more guilts! Nervoussss

Sporty straps by Nike

Sporty straps by Nike

Nike face layout. There are five options but they're very basic

Nike face layout. There are five options that you can choose from, apart from the other regular layouts .

Since it’s the special edition of Nike Apple Watch, I name it Nikki (duh!). The differences between Nike version and the regular ones are the unique straps and the face layout of the watch. The price is the same tho but there were not many Nike options left at that time. It’s okay, I don’t want black+volt anyway. I prefer the light lavender+white version because it’s more feminine. As for the size, I chose 38 mm rather than 42 mm due to the cutest wrist I have heheh.

Since the straps are limited edition (you can’t buy them separately, only come with the watch), I would be pretty devastated if I somehow ruin it. You know how careless I am right? I might make it dirty, stain it with marker pens or anything etc. The possibilities are endless. So I decided to buy another regular straps then I could keep the original one in the box, safe and pretty. Smart girl, I am! LOL

The straps I bought online from the Apple Store website. Guess, what colour I chose?

The straps I bought online from the Apple Store website. Guess, what colour I chose? #abaikanhouseofdoll #nothemainsubjecthere

Yeah... Product Red baby! Terpaksa tukar phone casing sekali sebab nk matching punya pasal.

Yeah… Product Red baby! Terpaksa tukar phone casing sekali sebab nk matching punya pasal.

Okayyy.. I think that’s about it. Hubs is watching Munafiq on Astro right now and oh my God, he kept pulling my T-shirt and screamed like a little girl. Dah takut tu tak payah la tgkk.. Grrr. Now, dia suruh teman dia tengok pulakk… Haihh..

Bye, 2016 and Owh Hi, 2017


So this is what my blog has become.. Bidding goodbye to a certain year, welcoming the new one, be quiet and missing in action for the rest of the year and only pops up again to bid goodbye again, in order to welcome the following year. Again. The cycle continues.

I guess, I just don’t have much time to blog like I did before. Blogging is still relevant tho, it’s still some kind of therapy for me, but the time…. I just don’t have the time. Even when I do and I have so many things to tell, I always feel so tired to get my laptop and start writing, so usually I just resort to Instagram or Twitter (since my FB is still in deactivated mode) to talk about my days.

Hmm.. Anyway, 2016….. It. Was. Freaking. Crazy. I don’t know how I got through it, but I did. Tears, sweat and blood, all of that made 2016 so much worth living! Thanks for all the things that happened or did not happen, thanks for the good and bad memories, thanks for all the lessons, thanks for making it fun to enter my 30s, thanks for the laughters and cries and all in all, thanks for making it so awesome. I wouldn’t regret one bit of it.

Now, 2017, let’s kick some asses!